Sunday, July 23, 2017

FANTASY PROJECT-The Album (2004)


My recent indulgence with all things Eurodance, Italo-disco and electronic/synthpop lately gave me the notion of reconnecting with the world of trance and techno music. When I realized that I had only heard the second album by the Austrian group that calls itself FANTASY PROJECT, I also realized that I had completely missed out on the group's very first album. So that became the source of my audio entertainment for about an hour on this Sunday night.....and entertaining it definitely was! The spacey, futuristic-sounding introductory segment instantly propelled me into that trancey state of mind; then a full-out, uninterrupted, energetic techno would follow thereafter! I like this Andreas Steinberger guy who serves as FANTASY PROJECT's lead vocalist; his airy, breezy vocals, which are often disguised with that cool, robotic digital effect, are a perfect compliment to the airy melodies and a perfect contrast against the hard, thumping rhythms. Found a favorite only minutes into the adventure with "Dam Dadi Doo". Now you know a song with a title like this can only mean pure bubblegum, and that's exactly what it is! The repetitive looping of the title lyrics and how he keeps repeating 'home, home' and 'beat, beat' in the verses ensures that you'll get addicted to all of the senseless fun! There's even a 5+ minute extended mix of it to keep the sticky sugar rush going even longer..... Jams that purposely intend to get you onto the trance club floor include "Way Of Life" and "Somebody" (actually, a bit of bubblegum on this one, too, with how he merrily sings about wanting to touch the girl's body and his deliveries of 'dance everybody, move it somebody'), as he directly motivates the listener with his encouraging words of getting up and dancing the night away. From "Crazy Baby" up until "Gimme Love", there's a noticeably more sunny glow to the production. The tonality beings to shift over to a more melancholy sound with "Never Stop", and continues on down through "Up And Away" (my second favorite, and it too has some bubblegum going on with Andreas merrily singing 'da da da di di di da da' at the end of every pass of the chorus), "The Only One" (something about the ultra-glitzy synthesizing against the heavy techno punch sparks me here) and "Tell Me" (one that I could almost tag as 'dream dance' with the way his soft and lush vocal delivery echoes into the senses), before shifting back to the sunny sounds with the proper concluding cut simply entitled "Sky". A very refreshing listen for me, considering I hadn't enjoyed much on the trance front lately; perhaps it's a sign that I should stay in the trance music zone for a while:

1. Intro
2. Crazy Baby
3. Dam Dadi Doo
4. Way Of Life
5. Take Me Away
6. Somebody
7. Gimme Love
8. Never Stop
9. Up And Away
10, Move It Up
11, The Only One
12, Tell Me
13, Sky
14, Crazy Baby (Andy Garcia vs. Virtual Boy Remix)
15, Dam Dadi Doo (Extended Mix)
16, Way Of Life (Extended Mix)
17, Take Me Away (Extended Mix)
18, Gimme Love (Extended Mix)

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