Thursday, July 6, 2017

Kid Safari-The Romantic Heroes (1993)


I decided to continue my 'safari' through the easy-listening music paradise that I've come to enjoy by this delightful Belgian-African Jean-Bosco Safari. "The Romantic Heroes" takes me back once more to the early 90's to get re-acquainted with his distinctively straining, soulful voice, intriguing song lyrics and warming, acoustic guitar-driven rhythms. I'd get instantly charmed by the opener, "I Don't Wanna Know"—a rather paining tune, with the sweet being the sound and the sour being the words he has to give. In similar fashion is how many of the follow-up tracks are presented: "I'll Settle For Desire" (being content with just the longing and the lusting without having the whole woman), "I'm Not Over You" (the music and those aching vocals of his really touched me here), the excellent all-acoustic "Melancholy And I" (the title already foretold a song about how loneliness and sadness has become his closest company and best friend since the woman departed from his life) and the interesting piece called "I'm A Ten, I'm A Zero"(I like the contrasting pairs in which he describes himself as—hero and coward being the pair that stuck out to me first—which kept me tuned in with close interest). Additional highlights include his smooth, warming cover of the timeless EVERLY BROTHERS classic, "All I Have To Do Is Dream", the amazing vocal performance that is "Little By Little" and the upbeat, feelgood song of confidence and celebration that is "Saving It For The One I Love", a simple song which speaks a lot of truth in that we should all save our love for that one special person who truly makes us feel special. An unexpected delight comes at the very end, when he and, presumably, a few other guest vocalists, join together for the beauty of an acapella affair that is the title track. I covered a lot of favorable ground during this particular 'safari', and I look forward to seeing what else lies ahead for me and my ears when I resume my Kid Safari adventures in the days ahead.....

1. I Don't Wanna Know
2. Let's Talk
3. Who Are We?
4. I'll Settle For Desire
5. To The Sun
6. All I Have To Do Is Dream
7. I'm Not Over You
8. Nightlife
9. I'm A Ten, I'm A Zero
10. Little By Little
11. Saving It For The One I Love
12. Melancholy And I
13. The Romantic Heroes

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