Sunday, July 9, 2017



I've been in the mood to reconnect with a lot of the artists from the early 90's house era. That's when I recalled that I've listened to only one album in its entirety by this British pop group, who may be known best for their popular Euro-house hit, "I'm Too Sexy". And it's that hit that can be found right here on RIGHT SAID FRED's debut, which is another one of theirs I've never heard in its complete entirety. In fact, "I'm Too Sexy" is the only song that I even remembered; further, what I thought I remembered about the song turned out to be not very much at all! All I knew heading in to my first listen of "I'm Too Sexy" in 2+ decades is that it was a popular dance hit and the guy voicing the lyrics kept saying ' I'm too sexy for my shirt '. Well, I finally got the song's full meaning—him simply being too sexy for anything and anybody—which comes off as being rather humorous once I took in all of the lyrics (from him talking about strutting his stuff on the catwalk to that shit that hurts). And that distinctively quirky, slightly-spoken vocal style he employs on "I'm Too Sexy" (which does, in a way, add an extra level of 'sexiness' to the song), reminded me that it still takes me a while before I get used to all of these RIGHT SAID FRED songs altogether. On top of that, I realized that the group's sound isn't just strictly Euro-House, as repeated listens to "I'm Too Sexy" back in my high school years incorrectly led me to assume. The sunny, mellow love song, "No One On Earth", was the very first indicator, with selections like the bluesy, pop/rock offering "Do Ya Feel?" (which turns out becoming highly catchy after repeated deliveries of ' fight it all you want, it's a love machine '), the jazz-pop piece, "Deeply Dippy", and the breezy, guitar-driven delight that is "Upon My Heart" (another one that becomes highly catchy, thanks to the background voices chanting 'la la la la la la la' in the closing movements) providing further evidence to that notion. Clearly, these RIGHT SAID FRED guys were quite the eclectic music-makers! My Euro-House cravings would be satisfied, nonetheless, with the opening disco-groovy "Love For All Seasons", plus "Swan and "Don't Talk Just Kiss", which is a really fun track and highlights that playful quirkiness the best. Though my #1 favorite ended up being "Is It True?", which charmed me with its downtempo electronic rhythm, the slightly jazzy touch, light guitar and the spacey electronic accompaniment. It's one of those intriguing songs that make you stop and think about the realities of life, and with the lead guy's hushed, suggestive vocals leading the way, it's sure to stick to you before long:

1. Love For All Seasons
2. No One On Earth
3. I'm Too Sexy
4. Do Ya Feel?
5. Is it True?
6. Deeply Dippy
7. Swan
8. Don't Talk Just Kiss
9. Upon My Heart
10. Those Simple Things

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