Wednesday, July 5, 2017

SIDE A-Titanium (2003)


Ahhhh.....back to the easy-listening sounds of the OPM circuit with this supremely talented bunch of guys who have collectively become of my favorite Filipino pop/rock bands. Along with fellow OPM band NEOCOLOURS and its frontman Ito Rapadas, this SIDE A troupe always impresses me with their fine selection of heart-warming songs. Once I moved beyond the opener, "Dream On", I was virtually on cruise control as I settled in to the breezy soft rock that would accompany me for the rest of the way on this "Titanium" album. I'd imagine the album's lone Tagalog track, "Nais Ko", is one that speaks of good and beautiful things; at the very least, it's definitely the song here that melts into my senses and warms my heart the most, despite me not understanding a single word of it....yet. Having a similar graceful flow is the second offering, "Love Is Another"; I love these where the music consists largely of the lead singer, a bit of bass and a light guitar with very little coming in the way of an actual beat. "When I C U 2NYT": I had been curious about the title and what the '2NYT' referred to until I realized, upon hearing them sing the words, that it was just their stylistic spelling of 'tonite'. I cite it as one of the best performances here, ending in grand fashion with the elevated vocals and the pitch change of the tonality. It's the fantastic and lively production that spark my senses and makes immediate impressions on Track #3's "Fragile" (where they sing about handling love with care), the simple love song "With You" (some dynamite vocals by the lead guy being put on display here, singing about life being beautiful when he's with her), "Make Believe" (a thrill ride that ends much too soon for my taste; the arrangement in the chorus reminds me of some popular American alternative rock song whose artist and title my mind are currently drawing blanks about) and "I Surrender", where the lead guy's soaring vocals in his earnest and emotional yearning to hold the lady in his arms, in combination with the already-thunderous production, turns this into a monumentally epic concluding piece:

1. Dream On
2. Love Is Another
3. Fragile
4. Break My Heart Again
5. Don't Let The World Win
6. Nais Ko
7. With You
8. When I C U 2NYT
9. Make Believe
10. I Surrender

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