Sunday, July 30, 2017

TOPMODELZ-Back To The 80's (2010)


I'm back from outer space today to bring you yet another thrill ride back into my favorite decade! My continued explorations of all things Eurodance, Italo-disco and electronic/synthpop saw me getting in tune with this TOPMODELZ German trance project, whom I'm sure I've come across countless times before with all of the various remixes of classic hits my ears and I have encountered over the years. So how is it that I completely skipped out on this "Back To The 80's" collection? Better late than never, as the old adage goes; the supreme 80's music lover in me is just so happy to have even discovered this hour-long treat! A lot of hits from the male solo rocker camp and the world of alternative rock are well-represented here, led off by the techno remake of ASIA's "Heat Of The Moment", followed by even cooler techno remakes of Rick Springfield's "Love Somebody", Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight", David Lee Roth's "Paradise" and the delightful surprise that is the remake of the SPIN DOCTORS' "Two Princes". Of that list, I favored "Paradise" the most, but as far as being the favorite that reigns supreme, it gets some stiff competition from the dazzling reworking of A-HA's "Take On Me", which I actually played first. I love every version of this memorable classic, including the one by the British-Norwegian boyband A1. Then I acquired a new-found favorite when I listened to Track #4's "Time To Wonder". Had never heard the original by FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE (at least, I don't believe I have), but after hearing the dreamy, mellow chords of the music and the touching lyrics talking about how it's not the time to fight or die or sleep, I've gotta treat myself to it while the song's still fresh in my mental jukebox. The male vocalist of this TOPMODELZ project who leads away on all of these songs (except for the super-energizing remake of Samantha Fox's "Touch Me" and the cut called "Strings Of Infinity", where a guest female vocalist is the star of the show) is superb and does every one of these aforementioned 80's classics (the ones that I readily recognized) total justice, even if his lighter, loftier vocals contrasting to the true hard rocker's grit and style of vintage Rick Springfield, David Lee Roth and Eddie Money took me a moment or two to get used to. I really liked listening to him performing the sunny feelgooder simply called "Summer", which seems as if it may have been an in-house original production (evidenced by the lyrics of him talking about having his iPod on repeat). It does fit the 80's theme, though, with its distinctive synthpop catch beneath the trance beat, nd makes for a great summertime anthem to ride to:

1. Heat Of The Moment
2. Take On Me
3. Maniac
4. Time To Wonder
5. Love Somebody
6. Take Me Home Tonight
7. Touch Me
8. Paradise
9. Two Princes (Album Mix)
10, Strings Of Infinity (Raindropz! Remix)
11, Maniac (Dave Ramone Remix)
12, Take On Me (Darwich Remix)
13, Time To Wonder (Limelight Remix)
14, Summer
15, Where Did You Go Now?
16, Take Me Home Tonight (Extended Mix)
17, Love Somebody (Extended Mix)
18, Heat Of The Moment (Extended Mix)

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