Sunday, August 20, 2017

BLONDIE-The Hunter (1982)


With all things rock music having been at the forefront of my mind the past few days, there's been a sea of bands swimming through my ears whispering 'listen to me!', or something to that suggestive effect. So a couple of days ago, while thinking about some of the more popular acts from my favorite decade and the ones whom I haven't heard much beyond the radio airwaves, the new wave bunch fronted by Debbie Harry, who are famous for the big hits "The Tide Is High" and "Heart Of Glass", suddenly became the focus of my attention, if only for an hour last Saturday night. interest. That came way of the band's final 80's release, "The Hunter", which generated quite a few moments of delight with the typically-catchy new wave sounds of tunes like "Dragonfly", "Danceway" and one that was particularly fun, "The Beast"—mostly because of Debbie's rather candid and colorfully humorous rap being delivered all throughout against the dancey beat. Before either one in that trio, however, I'd enjoyed the first of a couple of beautiful music journeys with "Island Of Lost Souls". It's totally not rock and totally not pop; it's just something unique made up of a breezy island rhythm, a smooth jazz accompaniment and a touch of ethnic jungle ambiance. That combination, plus Debbie's light and sweet vocals (I especially like when she does that playful 'ya ya ya ya ya ya' in the closing movements) makes for some sweet and easy listening, and propelled me to want to make this song a new addition to my 'Easy Listening Radio Mix' playlist. As for that second beautiful music journey? That came way of the title track—well, the complete title being "The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game"—whose exotic, breezy flow and haunting ambiance made it so easy for me to get lost inside the production and caused me to forget what the song was actually about:

1. Orchid Club
2. Island Of Lost Souls
3. Dragonfly
4. For Your Eyes Only
5. The Beast
6. War Child
7. Little Caesar
8. Danceway
9. (Can I) Find The Right Words (To Say)?
10. English Boys
11. The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
12. War Child (Extended Version)

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