Saturday, August 5, 2017

BOYSTEROUS-Up & Down (2003)


.....And even more proof that I also still like to show my love for the obscure, forgotten boybands as well! There was the 90's album by THE OSMOND BOYS called "Boysterous", and then there was the short-lived quartet that too called itself BOYSTEROUS. I have no recollection of how I discovered these guys; it was most likely while I was casually browsing the Europop database. And when I saw that they'd only released this three-track "Up & Down" single (technically four-track, if you count the official video), I had to have it, if only to add to my boyband collection. "Up & Down" is your classic Eurodisco-groovy boyband feel-gooder that combines sugary love lyrics— ' it's up to you call me, it's time for me to turn you on ' / ' it's up to me to call you, it's time for you to turn me on ' are the words you'll hear in the catchy chorus—with the unified cuddly boyish vocals and dreamy, ear-pleasing chords to ensure that you are instantly charmed and captivated by the music. I'd already loved the song with just its 'Radio Mix' that opens up the single, then loved it even more with the extended 'Dance Mix' right afterwards, with the 'Karaoke Backing Track' mix serving as a nice partial instrumental to allow your senses to melt into. Definitely a new favorite that was gonna end up on my playlists, but which ones? I loved all three versions, but seeing as I got the most bang for my buck with the first two mixes, I decided the 'Radio Mix' would go onto the 'Boyband Mix' playlist while the 'Dance Mix' would go onto the 'Energy Mix'. There, problem solved:

1. Up & Down (Radio Mix)
2. Up & Down (Dance Mix)
3. Up & Down (Karaoke Backing Track)

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