Thursday, August 3, 2017

Darius-Dive In (2002)


Yet even more proof that I'm still showing love for the reality television music show talents! If you haven't ever listened in on the Scottish pop singer, Darius Danesh, I invite you now to dive on in with him, his refreshing voice and his easy-listening pop/rock sound right here on his delightful, ear-pleasing debut album. I myself had found instant delight the moment I heard him performing on the upbeat opener, "Colourblind", which is just one of several songs where the colorful lyrics of a catchy chorus hook get stuck to me. The one right after is areal beauty: "Rushes". I like the way Darius proudly describes the girl of his affections in the first two verses, plus the poetic artistry shown off with the last word of each line to the chorus rhyming with the title—the girl's blushes, her touches and something inside of him that mushes. The title track allures my ears because of the way his lofty voice floats above the breezy rhythm and the sunny chords, a nice approach for a song where he's inviting the girl to take a chance on love while reminding the listener that you never know unless you try, even if it's a long shot. Me being forever the sucker for the sad, mellow love song, I have to confess my adoration for both "Simple Like The Truth" and "Gotta Know Tonight"—two really good down-to-earth, slowed-tempo offerings about trying to get the lover to say what's truly in her heart (you'll get to enjoy the latter a second time with the acoustic guitar/piano 'Songwriting Demo' version I've included as a bonus treat). And I admire his thoughtfulness on "Mocking Bird", where he confesses the hurt he feels for seeing the emotional hurt the girl suffers at the hands of another man. A very solid, 50+ minute selection of tunes to appreciate here, which just might leave you wanting to dive in deeper with this guy for more:

1. Colourblind
2. Rushes
3. Incredible (What I Meant To Say)
4. Girl In The Moon
5. I'm Not Buying
6. Dive In
7. Gotta Know Tonight
8. Sliding Doors
9. Simple Like The Truth
10, Better Than That
11. Mocking Bird
12. Mercury Rising

*****BONUS TRACK*****

13. Gotta Know Tonight [Songwriting Demo]

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