Wednesday, August 16, 2017

DEF LEPPARD-Adrenalize (1991)


Now here's something that totally gets my adrenaline pumping! I had been meaning to get back to listening to one of my most beloved 'hair bands' from the 80's after having tuned a 'deaf ear' to them for far too long! Last I checked it had been over three years since I re-indulged in their "Hysteria" album. I almost went back a bit further to relive 1983's "Pyromania", which I don't remember nearly as well as "Hysteria", but then I realized I had no memory whatsoever about their 1991 album. The great thing about music recorded and released just a couple of years into the 90's is that it possesses that same wonderfully-80's feel-good air about it. So you an imagine the 80's music lover in me was all ears when the familiar voice of Joe Elliot and the gang slammed into m ears on the awesome opener, "Let's Get Rocked". He states exactly how I felt with the very first statement: 'do you wanna get rocked?' A resounding and enthusiastic 'yes!' silently responded somewhere within, and the good times would roll on after that! As usual, I got major thrills out of all the jams with the big, catchy chorus hooks, particularly "Heaven Is", "I Wanna Touch U" (I found myself singing along with the chorus loudly and proudly, as if it were in attendance at a concert!) and my new-found favorite, "Tear It Down" (found myself singing along with the chorus here, too—the loud, gritty voices collective shouting 'tear it down' in rebellious, in-your-face unison—but the funny thing is I forgot what it was that they were wanting to even tear down anyway?). I'm getting that Pour Some Sugar On Me' vibe (paying tribute to one of DEF LEPPARD's most memorable hits here) on "Make Love Like A Man", which has some of the coolest lyrics on the whole album: don't call me Gigolo, don't call me Casanova': Then there's the energizing "Personal Property", which totally captures the 'hair band' spirit with its simple theme about a lady who belongs only to him. The lyrics area lot of fun on this one, too—something about her being a drive-in for his eyes to see only, pus the cheeky twist on the old adage when he says 'finders keepers, losers may weep', as if to say that he found the lady first and no other guy can have her. No great metal rock album would be complete without that one signature emotional power ballad. Completing that fulfillment here in "Adrenalize" is the gem "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad". For some reason, this one seemed familiar; it's possible I may've even heard it on the radio airways back in the day. Besides me loving the breezy flow and the melody, particularly the hook when the song's title are delivered by their high and lofty collective vocals, just the whole message of the song captivates, as it asks a valid question to not only the rock music audience, but to any lovesick listener out there in the world:

1. Let's Get Rocked
2. Heaven Is
3. Make Love Like A Man
4. Tonight
5. White Lightning
6. Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)
7. Personal Property
8. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad?
9. I Wanna Touch U
10. Tear It Down

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