Saturday, August 12, 2017

DIESEL DAHL's TINDRUM-How 'Bout This?! (1989)


Yeah, how about this! It was a much-welcomed jump back to the awesome 80's when I decided to finally explore the music of a Norwegian rock band that had been recommended to me some time ago. TINDRUM—or more formally, DIESEL DAHL's TINDRUM. Having been missing my 'hair bands' for like the longest time, it felt so good to get a charge out of the screaming metal rock guitars as the ten jams on this album kept me company for 40+ minutes earlier this afternoon. All I needed was for the opener "Dolce Vita" to snap me back to my favorite decade in order for that old nostalgic rock sound to get me all pumped and excited. It wasn't long before I'd acquired a handful of new favorites, the first of those being "First Time", where the 'rock me like the first time' hook got to be supremely catchy. The follow-up, "Masquerade", has an equally-catchy hook that's simply great, hearing the guys shouting the song's title in spirited unison, not to mention an excellent, extended guitar riff instrumental that sparks my audio senses at the midway point. "I Was Made For Rock And Roll": the title just sizzles with excitement, doesn't it? I started thinking about the JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS hit, "I Love Rock & Roll", perhaps because of the unabashed passion these two songs similarly express in the title. Coincidentally, something in the arrangement even reminded me of "I Love Rock & Roll"; it had to be the wild delivery and the catchy sing-along chorus, which is presented fabulously in the opening acapella movement. There was Donna Summer singing "Love To Love You Baby" back in the disco days, and then there was this TINDRUM crew recording "I Love To Love". This one's an unexpected shift from the loud guitars and banging drums, opting for a soothing, more mellow pop/rock sound that totally highlights the starry soft rock sounds of the 80's! My ears and I met it with instant appeal, prompting me to make it a new addition for my revamped 'Easy Listening Radio Mix' playlist (check the link over in the right-hand column of this blog; you'll find it there soon). Also 'Easy Listening Radio Mix' worthy is the concluding piece, "The Show Must Go On", whose warming acoustic guitar sound contrasts with this album's otherwise loud and raucous rockin' sound as well. I'll be heating up my redesigned 'Rock Mix' playlist when it too receives a new addition: "Hot Summer". Love these rock jams with the energetic hooks that are simple, repetitive words; listening to them singing 'hot summer love' over and over here is another fine example of how fun and easy it was to get into the music of the 80's:

1. Dolce Vita
2. First Time
3. Masquerade
4. Fantasia
5. I Was Made For Rock And Roll
6. Love Shines
7. I Love To Love
8. Streetfighter
9. Hot Summer
10. The Show Must Go On

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