Sunday, August 13, 2017

EUROPE-Wings Of Tomorrow (1984)


Yep—still rockin' back into the awesome 80's, and for my next stop, I decided to revisit EUROPE (Sweden, in the technical sense, which so happens to be my favorite spot for all things Scandanavian music). I discovered a new fun fact when I realized this band released their memorable hit, "Open Your Heart", on two separate occasions: the second time on their "Out Of This World" album (which I've previously had in my 'hair band' collection), but the very first time was right here on this "Wings Of Tomorrow" album released four years prior. Well it was great to hear that one again, a touching staple that seems to be on just abut every 80's power ballad compilation. Though I often times forget that it's only truly a ballad for like the first minute or two before progressing towards the upbeat tempo that carries it the rest of the way through. The album's real ballad comes by way of Track #9's "Dreamer", which is a nice, easy-listening contrast to the high-energy adrenaline rush of jams like the perfectly-80's opener, "Stormwind" (and it so perfectly captures the 'hair band' spirit, too, the lyrics talking about a woman who's trying to sweep him away against his will and such), the title track (the super-catchy hook of 'ride, ride, ride the wings of tomorrow' gets me here, plus the suspenseful vibe of the chords beneath the rock rhythm) and "Lyin' Eyes" (some good old down-to-earth words about a woman who's as cold as ice and can't fool anyone). "Scream Of Anger": I always enjoy these break-neck speed, head-banging adrenaline pumpers; not having heard jams of this type n a while made this one quite a thrill ride, as did the concluding cut, "Dance The Night Away" (couldn't help but to think about the VAN HALEN hit by the same name; both songs actually share a similar party-all-night-long theme with the songwriter only wanting to be up and never down). I believe I found a new favorite in "Wasted Time"; I was too busy being sparked by the cool, glitzy, high-tech arrangement of the music to even recall why, according to the song lyrics, time was even being wasted at all:

1. Stormwind
2. Scream Of Anger
3. Open Your Heart
4. Treated Bad Again
5. Aphasia
6. Wings Of Tomorrow
7. Wasted Time
8. Lyin' Eyes
9. Dreamer
10. Dance The Night Away

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