Sunday, August 27, 2017

Monday Michiru-Jazz Brat (1995)


Smoothing out my Sunday night with an hour-long acid jazz session that came by way of me fulfilling another recent music request. The Japanese singer who calls herself Monday Michiru became the latest new voice and soulful delight to grace my ears the moment I tuned in to the opening track here on this "Jazz Brat" album. Turns out that hearing something along the lines of "Look Into The Past" was exactly what I needed to calm my ears and ease my mind of things. As a bonus to satisfying my hunger for jazz music altogether,"Look Into My Past" becomes a festive affair with the ethnic voices chanting alongside the tribal rhythm in the closing movements. Equally festive and ethnic in nature is the concluding piece, "La Flora", where Monday makes like all of those great smooth jazz singers I enjoy who have the skill for seamlessly ad-libbing whatever words or vocal sounds that come to mind in order to entertain the listener for an extended amount of time. I'd discover how versatile she is when going from acid jazz cuts like "Look Into The Past" to trippy grooves like "Rainy Days" (I like the male MC rapping in Japanese midway through—cool and different) to funky jams like "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" to pure hip-hop cuts like "Givin' It" (this time, it's her turn to lay own the rhyming raps as she delivers the raw and real truth, the part about men and women engaged in the oldest profession on this planet striking me the most) to r&b-flavored grooves like "Just Another Day". One of my favorites where she totally shines is "Angels Falling", which I cite as her best vocal performance on this album overall. There's something gripping and moving I found in the way she pleads 'can anybody see me?, can anybody help me?' and confesses ' I'm falling endlessly through this life, something is wrong in paradise '; I just felt whatever it was she (or the songwriter) was feeling there. Then my top pick has to go to the feel-good dance cut, "Sunshine After The Rain", whose deep house groove and slight disco vibe reminds me once again why I continue to miss the 90's dance era so much. It's already a pleasant listen in the first few seconds, but I was captivated further with hearing her sweet, lofty voice soaring at the beat drop point, followed by the beautiful calypso arrangement afterwards:

1. Look Into The Past
2. Rainy Daze
3. Sunshine After The Rain
4. Hold On
5. Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
6. Angels Falling
7. Givin' It
8. In Utopia
9. Scat Attack
10. Fading Beauty
11. Just Another Day
12. La Flora

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