Tuesday, August 15, 2017

OASIS-Definitely Maybe (1994)


'I need an oasis'. It somehow felt appropriate to begin this review with the words sung on a favorite song of mine by soul legend Roberta Flack: "Oasis". While I was in need of some cooling, refreshing air on another hot, humid afternoon in my part of the world, my ears were also aching for some refreshing new tunes. I decided to stay with the rock kick, but made the switch from my familiar 'hair bands' back to the alternative side of things when I finally got acquainted with this British crew and their debut album. I had been aware of OASIS for seemingly ages, having frequently come across their name tagged to CD's on retail store shelves and being rather curious about their music. Well I definitely satisfied that curiosity here on "Definitely Maybe", and I just may have gotten back into the alternative rock spirit after my near hour-long adventure with it. Nothing like a fast-tempo jam to get the rock juices flowing, which is exactly that the opener, "Rock 'n' Roll Star", did for me. I like the delivery and the personality put into one of my favorites: "Live Forever". In a more mellowed-out approach than many of the other power-pop jams, there's something uplifting about the story of the songwriter's confidence in how he plans to be n existence for all eternity. Familiarity met me on "Supersonic", because 'm almost positive I've heard this song before; something about what the lead singer says about the 'gin and tonic'..... "Digsy's Diner": I was drawn to the sound of this one, particularly the bouncy rhythm and the slick keyboard instrumental put on display midway through, while I was drawn to the loud guitars and the repetitive delivery of the title lyrics in the closing movements on "Slide Away". A definite highlight is the concluding acoustic guitar cut, "Married With Children". And yes, I did immediately think about the classic Al Bundy sitcom before I even started listening. Turns out that the song's theme isn't too far off from the whole being-married-and-having-situational-problems thing, as the lead guy's low-key angst reveals he's fed up with the girl and sends her his farewell wishes:

1. Rock 'n' Roll Star
2. Shakemaker
3. Live Forever
4. Up In The Sky
5. Columbia
6. Supersonic
7. Bring It On Down
8. Cigarettes & Addicted
9. Digsy's Diner
10. Slide Away
11. Married With Children

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