Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sybil-Good 'N' Ready (1993)


It's good that I'm taking the time to build upon my Sybil collection, seeing as I'm still in the slow process of getting the 'S' artists in my music library organized. I'd barely planted my feet and made myself home again in Sybil's ' "Sybilization" when I felt the need to walk next door and tune in with this second album of hers that was released back in the 90's. And with me listening to "Good 'N' Ready" came the thrilling reminder that Sybil too was a part of the memorable PWL hit-making parade that showcased the likes of Rick Astley, Kylie Minogue, BANANARAMA, Jason Donovan, Sinitta, Sonia Evans and the late Queen Of Disco, Donna Summer. Armed with that knowledge, I was ready to jam! Already another new favorite to add to my 'Energy Mix' playlist was declared in just the first few seconds of "When I'm Good And Ready". This may have been one of hers that I heard a long time ago, and if I did, it sounds as great today as it did way back then! She's totally got the house diva thing going on here, and the awesome ' Good 'n' Buzzin' Mix '—which I skipped down and treated myself to right after—totally captures the spirit of the 90's dance era with the thumping bass in the beat and Sybil's looped vocals delivering the title lyrics. In fact, I had an awesome time with all of the dance jams here: "The Love I Lost", "Stronger Together", "Guarantee Of Love", "Did't See The Signs" (I can definitely hear that signature PWL bass line beneath the groovy rhythm) and another new-found favorite, "Back Together Again". With the last one in that list, I was allured first by the smooth, breezy ambiance beneath the beat, then such little nuances as the trumpet instrumental break midway through (a perfect accent for this song!) and that familiar orchestral riff that reminded me of that which is heard on Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop 'Tiil You Get Enough". Besides that, I loved just the whole mellow and sweet vibe of the music, which is the same way I felt about Track #4's "Beyond Your Wildest Dreams", where Sybil promises to bring her man all the joy and happiness in the world. It's a nice and smooth mid-tempo groove to lean back in the easy chair and drift off to sleep with—or at least daydream while you listen—thanks to the backing ambiance and the whispery chants of 'hey! hey! hey!' in the background. That leaning-back-in-the-easy-chair-with-the-eyes-closed tag can further be applied to "Take Me Back"; there's just something so heavenly about this song, particularly how the voices angelically sing the title lyrics 'take me back' in the chorus. "Now Or Never": a marvelous slow jam where Sybil shines all around, indicated right off the bat with the bold statements of her claiming everything she's not in the opening lyrics. Then there's the big-time r&b jam "You're The Love Of My Life" and the the almost-full-on house cut "Oh, How I Love You", where Sybil gets some amazing support from her selected backup singers. Actually, I may not have emphasized that enough in my previous post: the people singing along with her on this pair and elsewhere shine so brilliantly whenever they provide extra punch for this divalicious lady!

1. When I'm Good And Ready
2. The Love I Lost
3. We
4. Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
5. Stronger Together
6. Didn't See The Signs
7. Guarantee Of Love
8. Back Together Again
9. Now Or Never
10. Take Me Back
11. You're The Love Of My Life
12. Oh, How I Love You
13. When I'm Good And Ready (Good ´N´Buzzin' Mix)

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