Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sybil-Sybilization (1990)


The music chameleon in me decided it was time to change things up and return back to the old-school r&b sounds of the 90's, although the request for the albums of forgotten soul songstress Sybil contributed a bit to that chameleon changing its musical colors. Seeing as it had been ages since I've even heard her voice, it was a very good idea for me to indulge in this creatively-titled "Syblization", which did indeed 'bring me back to civilization', so to speak, to yet another place along the music spectrum that my ears have been missing. It occurred to be that I might not have heard this one of Sybil's before, as the wonderful third track "Love's Got A Hold On Me" sparked something totally new and soon became my latest favorite. I additionally would find new favorites with the perfectly-90's r&b groove "Go On" (loving the breezy, jazz/r&b groove and the exotic vocals in the chorus; I particularly like how she sings 'go on', because there's just something so exotic about it), "Falling In Love" (a great house jam this one evolves into; I sorely miss these simple dance jams of the 90's) and her version of "Lovey Day", which I know good and well from the soundtrack to the epic Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner movie (and one of my favorite movies of all time), "The Bodyguard". In the memorable words of the hit song by Annie Lennox and EURYTHMICS, here comes the rain again. which here is represented by the fourteen-minute quiet storm medley "The 'Let It Rain All Night' Suite" and shows Sybil putting on a marvelous vocal showcase, "Let It Rain" and the concluding piece, "Gentle Man" being the two top performances of the trio:

1. Make It Easy On Me
2. Open Up The Door
3. Love's Got A Hold On Me
4. First Lessons In Love
5. Go On
6. Falling In Love
7. Lovely Day
8. The Let It Rain All Night Suite: (A) Let It Rain
9. The Let It Rain All Night Suite: (B) I Wanna Know What It Means
10. The Let It Rain All Night Suite: (C) Gentle Man

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