Thursday, August 31, 2017

ZZ TOP-Recycler (1990)


The musical chameleon in me felt like shifting back to my beloved hair bands.....and the ZZ TOP crew certainly was all about the hair! Well, those trademark long beards of theirs, anyway, plus the black shades. That's one of the things I remembered about them from my childhood, other than my favorite song that was a hit back in the 80's: " Gimme All Your Lovin' " ('all your hugs and kisses too'—sorry, I couldn't resist completing that line of the lyrics). I was gonna get around to listening to them again once I made it to the 'Z' entries of my music library, but I figured why wait? So I thought I'd reconnect with them via an album of theirs I'd never heard up until today: "Recycler". Still sounds like the good ole 80's hair band rock to me that I know and adore so much, just as I knew it would, seeing as this was released at the start of the 90's. "Concrete And Steel" the opening jam is one of those with the catchy hooks that always snaps me back to the past and gets me all good and nostalgic about rock music from my favorite decade. Not only does that one do the trick, but also the other equally lively ones, such as "Decision Or Collision", "Give It Up" (something about the music structre on this one reminded me of another ZZ TOP favorite of mine whose title I can't put my finger on at the moment) and a new-found favorite, "Burger Man" (this one totally represents the senseless and carefree themes of 80's to the tee, singing about being the lady's burger man and even adding in occasional humorous quips about hot sauce and fries; besides that, the dancey synthesized high-energy beat makes it an exciting listen!). There's always one song on these hair band albums where the riffs of the rock guitars are the highlight of the show, and here on "Recycler", that distinction deserves to be awarded to Track #2's "Lovething". It was on "Lovething", in fact, where I realized that this ZZ TOP crew also incorporated a bluesy rock sound to some of their songs; they would do it again on the smooth groove later called "2000 Blues", which definitely will appeal to the soft rock radio audience and is as easy-listening as the great music on this album gets

1. Concrete And Steel
2. Lovething
3. Penthouse Eyes
4. Tell It
5. My Head's In Mississippi
6. Decision Or Collision
7. Give It Up
8. 2000 Blues
9. Burger Man
10. Doubleback

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