Saturday, September 9, 2017

Lisette Melendez-True To Life (1994)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 9, 2017

Staying true to my word, I'm back with the second in a streak of fulfilled music requests, which sees me presenting a very familiar name from the world of Latin Freestyle. Lisette Melendez broke out onto the music scene back in 1991 and would go on to release four studio albums, including this 1994 effort that ventured away from the classic Freestyle sound and more into the avenue of mainstream pop/r&b. A fond favorite of mine I can readily rave about is the album's sixth track called "Goody Goody".....and a 'goodie' it is too! It's a combination of the hard dance/pop beat, the sultry voices of the ladies on backup, hearing Lisette proclaiming ' do you want a piece of my goody goody, goody goody, lovin' ? ' over and over in the chorus and just the whole feelgood vibe of the song altogether! I declare it to be her best vocal performance on the entire album, and the producers must've agreed it was hit-worthy, as an alternate 'Hip Hop Mix' was created for it as a bonus treat at the end of the album. Yet there are plenty of other 'goodies' that are sweet on my ears, namely the opening cut, "Will You Ever Save Me?"—one of those nice-and-breezy slow grooves whose remix single I wish I had in my possession—and the equally nice-and-breezy "My Warning (Take This Love And Run)", which showcases Lisette's softer side in stark contrast to the more bold, in-your-face persona she displays elsewhere (and there's a slight Latin Freestyle element in . "Love Type Situation": I like this one because of its cool trippy beat and the touch of reggae I sense going on here with the MC singing with her all throughout, plus the fact that it too has a sunny air about it—something about the things you'll discover if one is ever, as the title clearly states, in a love kind of situation:

1. Will You Ever Save Me?
2. How 'Bout You?
3. Love Type Situation
4. Honestly
5. Going My Way
6. Goody Goody
7. My Warning (Take This Love And Run)
8. Love Me Need Me
9. On Again Off Again
10. I Know That You Know
11. Love Type Situation Reprise (Abrazame)
12. Goody Goody (Hip Hop Mix)

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