Tuesday, September 12, 2017

RADIOS-No Television (1990)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 12, 2017

Do not attempt to adjust the resolution on your computer, tablet or cell phone screen, but do adjust the dials on your music player, iPod, car stereo or whatever device that you use for music listening. That's because you'll want to crank up the volume a notch or two when you tune in to "No Television", the debut album by the Belgian pop/rock group that curiously called itself THE RADIOS (I suppose these guys knew that their music was gonna be good enough to warrant some airplay on the radio waves?). And so it continues, my ongoing streak of fulfilled music wishes, and here's me wishing that I had heard this "No Television" album when it came out more than two decades ago; I surely would've fallen in love with it! The very first song, "Gimme Love", even had me wishing something else—that it were still the late 80's! The moment the mellow chords and the sound of the accompanying accordion melody graced my ears, my senses perked up, then even more so once the breezy vocals of the group's frontman came into the spotlight. Turns out "Gimme Love" is just the type of easy-listening bubblegum pop that I'm so crazy about. as the lyrics even talk about the guy being crazy in love with the girl himself. Another song that's totally bubblegum: "Swimming In The Pool". This very lively and festive jam has a fun reggae/island feel and proves yet again that artists back in the day could make highly-addicting songs about anything an everything they could think of. Speaking of addictions, I have a couple of newbies to refuel my condition: "Lucky Day" and "I'm Into Folk". The former tells a fun boy-meets-girl story while making me wanna dance with its bouncy piano rhythm and, later, the jazzy trumpets with the marvelous vocals turning the song into a soulicious music affair. As for the latter, it literally is a folk music festival with the Irish bagpipes, the foot-pattin', square-dancing march rhythm and the lead guy's exaggerated vocals that sound like they were made for children's theater or something watched on "The Cartoon Network". Those two tracks made me realize just how eclectic these guys were, and further evidence was provided by the ambient slow piece I chilled to called "Stars In Heaven", the more harder-rockin' jams "She Talks To The Rain" and "26 Guitars Of Love" (now this one I could even go so far as to classify as ' 80's hair band' caliber!). the bluesy groove "Tears In The Morning" and especially the concluding track, "Blue Roses", which is some good ole fashioned country that you would think was recorded by someone in the contemporary mainstream:

1. Gimme Love
2. The One
3. Stars Of Heaven
4. She Talks To The Rain
5. Tears In The Morning
6. Lucky Day
7. Radio
8. Swimming In The Pool
9. I'm Into Folk
10. Lay Down
11. 26 Guitars Of Love
12. Blue Roses

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