Thursday, September 28, 2017

Various Artists-Disney Girlz Rock (2005)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 28, 2017

Back with another compilation to continue my streak of fulfilled music wishes, and as with the "Hoodwinked Too!" soundtrack I featured a couple of days ago, I have a feeling that it too was requested because of the link to singer/actress Hayden Panettiere. This first volume of the "Disney Girlz Rock" series brings many of the biggest girl stars in the pop music world together for over fifty minutes of thrills. Although for me, it ended up being an hour-long affair due to a new favorite I discovered as well as re-discovering an old memorable favorite. That new favorite is the dancey rockin' feelgooder, "Let's Bounce", performed by a Christy Carlson Romano who puts a lot of funk spunk into a song that gets you into a party mood! Then that old favorite? That would be the moving ballad called "Reflection", performed by pop princess Christina Aguilera, which I had to help myself to a couple of listens of. Simply amazing vocals, this girl always has, and I'm always touched by every word of the chorus, especially when she asks, 'who is that girl staring back at me?'. Thinking further about songs on this compilation I found touching, I highlight THE BEAU SISTERS offering, "Anytime You Need A Friend", plus the brilliant dance cut that closes everything out, "Miracles Happen", whose inspirational words are something everybody needs to hear ('all things will come in a little time when you believe', this delightful Myra reminds us over and over n the chorus). As for Hayden's lone contribution, "I Fly", I found it to be a song with a sunny and a positive air and just something uplifting about it overall. I always dig those songs that tell the real deal about life, and EVERLIFE's "Go Figure" is one that kept my interest indeed. The lines that stuck to me from this one are 'sometimes you fall before you fly' and 'nothing seems right, but it turned out fine'. Then there's the songs that were pure pop fun: THE CHEETAH GIRLS's too-short-but-oh-so-sweet "Together We Can", Hillary Duff's cover of THE GO-GO's "Our Lips Are Sealed" (I can totally hear Belinda Carlisle and company echoing in the background as the familiar chords and words of ' doesn't matter what they say, in the jealous games people play hey-eh-hey ' filled my ears), the A*TEENS cover of the classic "Can't Help Falling In Love" (I'd actually forgotten they'd even recorded their own version) and definitely Raven-Symoné's funky r&b take on the Stevie Wonder hit, "Superstition". There's a few other spirited rock jams besides "Let's Bounce" to enjoy—including both of Lindsay Lohan's contributions of "Ultimate" and "Drama Queen (That Girl)" and Caleigh Peters' "reach"—but for the most part, it's the pop that rules on an album where all the girls get to reign supreme:

1. A*Teens - Can't Help Falling In Love
2. Lindsay Lohan - Ultimate
3. The Cheetah Girls - Together We Can
4. Hilary Duff - Our Lips Are Sealed
5. Raven-Symoné- Superstition
6. Caleigh Peters - Reach
7. Lindsay Lohan - Drama Queen (That Girl)
8. Everlife - Go Figure
9. Aly & AJ - Rush
10. The Beu Sisters - Anytime You Need a Friend
11. Raven-Symoné - This Is My Time
12. Hayden Panettiere - I Fly
13. Christy Carlson Romano - Let's Bounce
14. Christina Aguilera - Reflection
15. Myra - Miracles Happen

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