Thursday, September 14, 2017

William Naraine-Let The Sunshine Flow [EP] (2012)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: September 14, 2017

Sorry, but I had to interrupt the regularly scheduled 'radio' program in order to bring you one of my personal fulfilled music wishes. Satisfying my latest William Naraine fix is this six-track remix package, "Let The Sunshine Flow", which will make a great new addition to your dance/club music library! I tuned in on an evening when I surely needed a quick pick-me-up to energize me for the long overnight hours ahead. The soulful voice and lead man of the DOUBLE YOU 90's dance group is just as soulicious as ever on this uplifting feel-gooder! I like how each of the three mixes—plus their respective extended versions—offers a different sound texture for your ears: the 'Vincenzo Callea' mix having a smooth, fast-tempo trance groove; the 'Jerma Dubtronix' mix having a slow beat and a heavy, electronic buzzing sound that makes it part trance, part soul and part ambient all in one; and the 'DJ Kuba & Ne!tan' mix having a pounding bass line and a distinctively glitzy, high-pitched accompaniment that adds some spark to the music. Ultimately, I favored the 'Vincenzo Callea' mixes, and that means they will have the honor of being included on my own 'Energy Mix' for future enjoyed replays:

1. Let The Sunshine Flow (Vincenzo Callea Radio Edit)
2. Let The Sunshine Flow (Vincenzo Callea Extended Mix)
3. Let The Sunshine Flow (Jerma Dubtronik Radio Edit)
4. Let The Sunshine Flow (Jerma Dubtronik Mix)
5. Let The Sunshine Flow (DJ Kuba & Ne!tan Radio Edit)
6. Let The Sunshine Flow (DJ Kuba & Ne!tan Extended Mix)

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