Tuesday, October 31, 2017

CHILLER IV: Night Of The Living Chill (2015)


For my annual Halloween-themed music offering, I bring you the fourth installment of the "Chiller" compilation series featured on the Bandcamp independent music site. Having heard and thoroughly enjoyed the previous three, I knew that this "Night Of The Living Chill" edition also would be a delightful treat. And with listening to "Night Of The Living Chill" came my continued trek back into the world of ambient/electronic music, which is what about half of the twenty tacks can be categorized into and the aspect of this album that I liked the most. Following the 'Phantom Of The Opera'-esque introductory overture, I would be sparked by a flurry of cool and exotic minimal/instrumental pieces that truly lived up to the 'chiller' theme. Buoyant Spirit's "I Loved You But Not The Earth" has a very unsettling feel that makes for perfect tension music in a creepy horror movie scene; something about the uneven synthesized beat beneath the ambient drones attracts me on this one. Wez's "Another Station" was my next favorite—first being drawn in by the haunting ambiance and the distant, stilled drones, then by the guy's hushed vocals delivering the almost inaudible words against the cacophony of electronic musical arrangements. It totally fits the 'chilled' theme, too. although I particularly like when the tempo kicks up speed and the music evolves into a bizarre ambient techno/adventure; I J\just love the eerie sound of it all! Ricky Eat Acid's "Death Without Reward" (gotta love these odd-ball artist names!) kinda sounds like a faster version of the theme music to the "Halloween" movie series starting the infamous maniacal slasher, Michael Myers, once the beat picks up speed and intensity following the ethereal introduction. Phantom Power's "Old Cadillac" is maybe not so chilling at all; it has a nice and hazy, trippy sound to it that really does sound like it was made for cruising to while driving in an old Cadillac or whatever your four-wheel ride is; wish it had been longer. Additional cool cuts from the ambient/electronic offerings include CLOACK's "Million", Michael Parallax's "Transmission #4 Dead Space" (this one is pure haunt all the way with the wind-up-toy tic-toc rattling beneath the stilled, beatless music) and the closeout piece, "A Figure In Pale", which is a second beatless ambient piece that is both heavenly yet mournful at the same time. The other side of this album features a healthy dose of alternative and metal rock—quite appropriate, as I seem to think horror and rock music go hand in hand. While some of the more angst-ridden offerings with the screaming, monstrous vocals may be rather hard on the ears ("Slasher Nite", "Witch Kiss" and "Falling Knees", to name a few), there's some sunny delight in the 80's synthpop-sounding " I Must Be Dreamin' ", GET A LIFE's "All Fun No Gum" (this one takes a softer, folk/soft rock approach), "Twinning", which combines a slightly spacey sound with an ethnic/world music vibe. plus the thrill ride that is the punk-motivated "Halloweed". So whether you prefer the instrumentals or the full-fledged songs with accompanying lyrics, you will be chilled to the bone either way:

1. Forged Artifacts - An Introduction To The Chiller IV
2. Some Pulp - Slasher Nite @ The Showcase East
3. Buoyant Spirit - I Loved You But Not The Earth
4. France Camp - Witch Kiss
5. Daisy Chains - Spread
6. Wez - Another Station
7. Band Practice - Werewolf Queen
8. Miles Heizer - Too Strong
9. Ricky Eat Acid - Death Without Reward
10. Gangplans - Twinning
11. William Alexander - Dead
12. Phantom Power - Old Cadillac
13. Suzie - I Must Be Dreamin'
14. Platinum Boys - Halloweed
15. Get A Life - All Fun No Gum
16. Cloack - Million
17. Michael Parallax - Transmission #4 Dead Space
18. Tree Blood - Falling Knees
19. Sleepy Cheese - When Light Turns To Dark,
      There's Just One Thing To Know, Which Is To Lay These Things Before You
20. Daniel Klag - A Figure In Pale

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