Wednesday, October 11, 2017

DRAMA-High Time (1983)


It's about 'high time' that I put some drama back into everyone's life! Continuing the streak of fulfilled music wishes, I proudly present the very much sought-after album by this Norwegian pop band and the only one of theirs missing from my collection (as I imagine it was for the rest of us in the DRAMA club). A trio of thoughts entered and re-entered my head while I was tuning in to the first few tracks: one, that I haven't listened to a whole lot of music from my favorite decade where there are young boys singing—groups like NEW EDITION, BROS, MENUDO and NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK readily come to mind&mash;two, that the enjoyment I was getting from these cute, three-minute pieces was equivalent to what I'd also enjoy from any number of my favorite bubblegum Euodance albums; and three, that this album was starting to feel like a fun, throwback radio version of "High School Musical". Everything on this too-short-but-wonderfully-sweet, half-hour-long adventure is pure 80's pop bliss at its finest, indicated early on by such bright, ear-pleasing and totally-80's-sounding sparks as "Don't Stop", "Do It!" and "Hey Girl" (dreamy songs like this one instantly put me in a happy mood). I found "Heavenly Lady" to be as funny as it is simply fun, accented by the orchestral accompaniment and the whole sunny sound of the chorus (I like the cheeky words the lead boy delivers that goes 'she really is too good for this world'). There's an instant catchy spark also with "On The Run"; 'I am on the run, catch me if you can'—yep, that one's a sweet bubblegum track, too, as is "Don't Tell Her On A Saturday" (' you'll be sorry you didn't do it Sunday '). You can't help but to be hooked by spunky songs like "Get Up And Go Away", because after the acapella intro, a mega-dancey beat takes over in combination with the DRAMA boys singing 'jump, jump, giddy-up' in unison. It could very well be the longest of the eleven tracks and it's definitely the only track having a rock kick to it: "It's A Hell Of A Night"; I'm liking the boys' harmony all throughout this one, too. Well, "Graduation Day" has a slightly soft rock element in there somewhere, and it too is a song with a breezy, happy melody that makes the music stick to you. Even the album's lone ballad, "Some Kind Of Wonderful"—a rather airy, lofty piece performed solo by the light-voiced boy of the bunch—is an ear-charmer. And as for the opening title track itself, it's the lone track that quite possibly is the least 80's-sounding with its distinctive post-disco rhythm, but I get as 'high' off of it as I get with the rest of the highlights on this "High Time" adventure:

1. High Time
2. Don't Stop
3. Do It!
4. Hey Girl
5. Heavenly Lady
6. On The Run
7. Don't Tell Her On A Saturday
8. Some Kind Of Wonderful
9. Get Up And Go Away
10. It's A Hell Of A Night
11. Graduation Day

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