Friday, October 6, 2017



Halloween and Christmas both must be coming early this year, considering all of these recent delectable music treats that gifts I've been gifting to myself and to all of my music followers! The latest one up for shares hadn't been on my personal wishlist for very long, but I was still all smiles when I got it earlier this week: the super-rarity entitled "Move On Up". It is the lone album released back in the 90's by the all-sibling disco group, THE GIBSON BROTHERS, and the second one—along with 2005's "Blue Island"—to feature a modern Euro-house/Euro-pop sound. That in itself is a rarity—music featuring male artists performing non-rap vocals in the Euro-house genre—which is why I had so much vested interest in "Move On Up" in the first place. And just as I expected, it was a wonderful thrill ride from start to finish! And me listening to it on a night when I was very much in the mood for some festive, happy and positive music made it even better! The opening title track sounds as if it was purposely engineered to get you into the movin' and groovin' spirit—a great reminder of the good ole house music days of the 90's! If that one doesn't instantly fill you up with happiness, then the sweet Europop/reggae tune right after it will: "Happy People". It immediately went to my playlist of favorite pop tunes the moment the beat and the lovely island melody melted into my ears! The next one had to have my name written all over it: "Declaration De Amor". That's because of the Spanish flavor, provided by the uncredited lady who delivers the Spanish lyrics midway, although I had already been attracted to the song because of the groovy house rhythm and the whole suspenseful ambiance in the background. Then I got an electrifying jolt on the super high-energy dance jam, "Break My Heart". Despite the feel-good sound, the mood is just the opposite, hearing THE GIBSON BROTHERS singing about not being able to forget the lady's cheating ways. One selection that sparked me after growing on me for a while was the album's lone slow-tempo piece, "How Could I Know?", where the distinctively straining, soulful voice by the lead Gibson brother thrusts some extra feeling into the emotional atmosphere. That had come after the mid-tempo cut, "Mighty Quinn", which becomes a fun sing-along after it plays on for a minute or two. But things really get fun when they return back to the Eurodisco dance floor for "Fun Boat Party", "A Patti" (I can totally feel some of that vintage disco spirit on this one, especially during the catchy chorus where they chant 'a patti, a patti-a'),"Fire" (those festive horns are amazing!) and "Australia" (I get that theatrical/stage show vibe here, and hearing their carefree lyrics about swimming and surfing and everything else about living it up in the Land Down Under just makes me smile). Aside from "Happy People", I ended up with one other new-found addiction from this album: "No Substitute For Love". Coincidentally, it too has that sweet Europop/reggae bounce going on and an extremely catchy 'sha-la-la-la-la-la eh-eh, sha-la-la-la-la-la oh-oh' that leads in to the jazzed-up chorus. Then serving as the perfect bookend to this Eurodisco party is the festive dance track fittingly entitled "Everybody's Dancing", because by the time everyone who listens to this album gets to that point, they should already be doing exactly that!

1. Move On Up
2. Happy People
3. Declaration De Amor
4. Break My Heart
5. Mighty Quinn
6. How Could I Know?
7. Fun Boat Party
8. No Substitute For Love
9. A Patti
10. Australia
11. Free
12. Everybody's Dancing

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