Sunday, October 29, 2017

SLAM-Year Zero (2004)


Okay, make that two more artists from the 'S' entries from my music library. Treating my ears to Sascha Funke's "Mango" album really did get me back into the electronic music mood, so it seemed like the logical course of action to continue feeding into that mood further with this "Slam Zero" album released by the Scottish duo that calls itself SLAM. I first got hip to these guys and their production work a few years back when I was helping someone put together a trance playlist. I forget the one song here that was requested, but I eventually acquired a handful of new favorites that, after listening to "Year Zero" again on this final Sunday night of October, now look to be excellent new additions to my own revamped 'Ambient Chill-Out' playlist! The forever 80's music lover in me digs every one of these ten tracks—there's something in the synthesized, electronic arrangement about each one that sparks my senses and gets me thinking about music from that decade—though my top picks are "Blow Your Mind" (I'm instantly attracted to the funky electronic beat and the slowed tempo, plus the vibrating, synthesized riffs that kinda remind me of end of original theme song to the "Reading Rainbow" kids show that aired on PBS), "Known Pleasures" (oh it's a pleasure alright, and it too has that "Reading Rainbow" vibrating synthesized riff thing going on against the high-energy trance beat and the deep bass), "Bright Lights Fading" (here, I adore the sultry, nasal vocals of a lovely female singer named Billie Ray Martin, whom I'm sure I've heard many times before on other 'dark electronic soul' tracks) and "Human" (another high-speed thriller that's a great combination of pumping tech-house bass and a glitzy synthesized accompaniment). Well those four were the ones I'd first favorited years ago; my second tour with this forgotten gem have led me to find musical adoration with the PET SHOP BOYS-esque opener, "This World" (well, the vocalist reminds me of Neil Tennant, anyways, with the way the verses are spoken on a concept song that gets you thinking about the harsh reality that we live in), "Metropolitan Cosmopolitan" (I always love these that have the cool, spacey accompaniments and the digitized robotic vocals), the haunting "Kill The Pain" (another one appropriate for and just in time for Halloween) and "Fast Lane", which I got a real charge out of with the funky dance beat, the 80's video game-inspired sound effects and the guy's catchy, repeated rap-style delivery of ' sometimes I just feel like giving up, sometimes I just can't get enough '. Sometimes, I myself can't get enough of electronic music altogether, but for now, Sascha Funke's "Mango" and SLAM' "Year Zero" are sufficient for me:

1. This World
2. Kill The Pain
3. Fast Lane
4. Metropolitan Cosmopolitan
5. Blow Your Mind
6. Lie To Me
7. Known Pleasures
8. Bright Lights Fading
9. Ghost Electric
10. Human

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