Sunday, October 22, 2017

SMILE.DK-Smile (1998)


I knew there would be lots of smiles ahead before I even embarked on this senselessly fun bubblegum Eurodance adventure with this girl duo, whom I didn't realize until today that they were actually from my favorite Scandanavian country—that being Sweden, of course&mdash,when all along, I had assumed the '.DK' in their name meant they were from Denmark. Well that assumption wasn't too far off, because collectively, the duo vocally sounds a lot like Lene, the cartoonishly-charming female lead singer and iconic face of the fellow bubblegum dance group, AQUA. And they sure made me smile right from the get-go on the bubbly opener, "Butterfly", with its bouncy rhythm, super-catchy chorus (' ay-ay-ay I'm your little butterfly ') and the slight Far Eastern arrangement. The follow-up, "Coconut", is as funny as it is catchy; I can't decide if it's the whole sing-along presentation of the song itself or the humorous lyrics (that part about the ' biggest coconuts you've ever seen ' gets me every time) that I enjoy the most! You know the Spanish lover in me would like "Sweet Señorita": the Spanish lyrics (my favorite line is when they say 'Chiquita bonita'; had almost thought they were saying 'Chiquita banana') and the Spanish guitar combined with the Eurodance beat turns the music into a nicely festive affair. "Middle Of The Night": This one's just purely fun Europop with funky synthesized glitz, and I was sorta reminded of a favorite ACE OF BASE song—"Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry"—upon hearing them declare ' never ever gonna be I'm sorry ' repeatedly throughout. The songs then start to become really addictive and wacky with "Tic Toc" and its super-super-catchy monotonic delivery of the different hours of the day. It's pretty much the silliest song you'll ever hear about simply how time flies with everything. Was nearly too quick to assume that "Boys" would be a Eurodance cover of the Sabrina hit from the 80's, given the way the girls sweetly chanted ;boys' at the beginning. Would've been great, but the song is still a sweet nonetheless—an Invitation for the boy to be her loverboy. Just like "Butterfly", this album's eighth track, "Mr. Wonderful", had me wanting to literally bounce along with the beat, thanks largely to the irresistibly hook highlighted by their words of ' hey Mr. Wonderful, oh you're so irresistible '. Another one of my personal picks is "Knock Knock", and all I got out of this one was hearing them singing 'knock knock knock knocking on my door' over and over while the music's sparkly, glitzy sound tantalized my ears. There's only one negative song here amongst all of this bubblegum sunniness: "Get Out". Despite the little story of the girl wanting the boy out off her dreams and fantasies and wanting someone who is real, it's still nice to hear the sweet melody of the music, not to mention their cute voices chiming in with the untranslatable 'whup-bup-bup, sha-dabbi-dabbi' towards the end of the song. Smile I did indeed, and I'm sure there will be plenty more smiles beaming on the faces of many other SMILE.DK listeners somewhere around the globe:

1. Butterfly
2. Coconut
3. Sweet Señorita
4. Middle Of The Night
5. Tic Toc
6. Get Out
7. Boys
8. Mr. Wonderful
9. Knock Knock
10. Comme Ci Comme Ca

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