Friday, November 3, 2017

BE MINE OR RUN-Be Mine Or Run (1991)


I have suddenly gotten on a 'mini-streak' of sorts with the folk music—both in the online world and the offline world—which started with my short excursion with Hap Palmer, then with Jack Grunsky, and now with this German folk/pop group that calls itself BE MINE OR RUN. Listeners to soothing, soulful female vocalists along the likes of Basia, Dido and Sade will enjoy the equally-soothing and soulful voice of BE MINE OR RUN's leading lady, Simone Reifegerste Someone not reading this post would most likely have no idea that their self-titled debut album was released way back in the early 90's; it's a marvelously unique listen that very well could've been recorded in any decade. The opening tune, "Music In The Air", is a great introduction to their breezy guitar-driven sound, but you'll begin to be wowed by Simone's versatile voice on the follow-up, "Lola's Calling", where she's deep and calm one moment, then suddenly breaks into a bold and climatic outburst the next. The album's lone true entry into the realm of world music comes by way of Track #3's "Rain", which features a cool acapella intro before the song breaks into a tribal affair with the jungle rhythm; it was the first of my many favorites here. The second one was "What The Blues Are About", and the same way Simone shows off her versatile chords on "Lola's Calling" is exactly how she demonstrates them on this one, telling a painful story about how she didn't know what the blues were really all about until her man walked out of her life. One of the more interesting offerings is Track #8's "The Man Behind The Bar", a down-to-earth song about a musician performing before an audience in the eyes of a bartender's point-of-view. "Best Friends"—a short n' sweet bouncy number that's real easy to catch on to. And "Bella Donna" was the highlight of the show for me personally from a musical standpoint; it's a slow song that features some sublime backing harmony and coasts along ever so gently before it becomes unexpectedly jazzy in the later extended instrumental movement. Simone and the rest of her BE MINE OR RUN companions pleasantly entertain for over forty minutes on this eleven-track effort, and it's all yours:

1. Music In The Air
2. Lola's Calling
3. Rain
4. For A Thousand Years
5. Lovers And The Sea
6. What The Blues Are About
7. Ancient Longing
8. The Man Behind The Barr
9. Best Friends
10. Bella Donna
11. Silence

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