Monday, November 20, 2017

Billy Falcon-Haunted Guitar (1988)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 20, 2017

Something scary has just happened here at "The Music Spectrum": the re-appearance of a rare rock album thought to have been lost in the 80's forever and never to be seen again. But whether or not you believe in ghosts, there is no reason to fear; the songs performed by singer, guitarist and songwriter Billy Falcon are hauntingly great on this 1988 effort, "Haunted Guitar". It kicks off with the fun, dancey rockabilly jam that is the title track, which is something I may not have liked very much back when I was a kid, but is something I totally dig nearly three decades later with me having acquired a better appreciation various forms of music. My favorite cuts, however, are the ones that steer along the road of classic 'hair band' rock, which Billy's powerful, gritty vocals are absolutely perfect for. There's "Knocked Down", for instance—an inspirational tune of sorts where he confesses to being down knocked down so many times, but never knocked out; sounds like it could be a perfect anthem for a "Rocky" movie or some other epic, sports-themed film. I also dig "Fools Rush In", where he serves up a nice analogy of him being onboard the ship of lonely hearts that are heading straight into a storm as they all take a chance on love. Then I like the ones that are touching, particularly the two power ballads: "What Kind Of Love Is This?" (one of Billy's strongest performances overall; his emotional delivery of 'never, never be alone' with the backup ladies echoing him in the chorus gets stuck to you) and "Rainbow" (I love his various interpretations of the colors, comparing red to blood, purple to royalty and gold to victory). I'm filled up with that classic 80's rock spirit further on "Mystery Train" (the fade-in and fade-out sounding like a train approaching from and departing to a distance away is a nice touch), "Good Cry" and the 'Rock Version' of "Spark In The Dark"—the latter two being bonus treats not found on the original ten-track album, but can be found on the remastered edition. "Haunted Guitar"—an impressive 45+ minute show by this multi-talented performer; if you miss out on this one, then you just might indeed find yourself being haunted by it forever.....

1. Haunted Guitar
2. You Know Me
3. Play For Your Life
4. Dance With A Stranger
5. Spark In The Dark
6. Knocked Down
7. What Kind Of Love Is This?
8. Mystery Train
9. Fools Rush In
10. Rainbow

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

11. Good Cry
12. Spark In The Dark (Rock Version)

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