Wednesday, November 29, 2017

DA BLITZ-Euromanic Trance (1996)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 29, 2017

It had been a while since I treated my ears to some good ole classic 90's Eurodance, so today was a good time for me to check out this Italian Eurodance project that is something else from my music recommendation backlogs. The best thing about this eight-track thrill ride is the wailing, divalicious vocals of the singer Viviana Presutti—indeed, Eurodance and house music is always great when the leading lady's voice is entrancing and captivating—but I also love the terrific production that went into each of the various mixes. The 'Power Mix' of "Movin' On" is your typical high-energy jump-starter, yet the ones that energized me are the three that follow in succession, starting with the 'Mystic Cut' mix of "Take Me Back", where there's something in the spacey sound of the electronic synthesizing that attracts me to the music. "Let Me Be" is a disco-groovy jam whose whose theme about freedom gives the music a feel-good sensation while the guy serving as the MC chimes in with his rapped delivery of the title lyrics in the classically hip Eurodance style. Then there's my favorite of the trio, "Take My Love", whose tonality and the backing orchestrals give the music an instantly dreamy spark. That's from the 'D.J. Gabry Ponte Version'; I'm eager to hear what the other mixes of "Take My Love" sound like. It had occurred to me while listening that the first seven tracks are all remixes of some variety; I suppose the production crew selected what they felt was the cream of the crop and made an album out of them while the original versions must be stored on singles releases. As for the eighth and final track, it's an exciting 13+ minute megamix that kicks off with "Let It Be", then slides into "Stay With Me", then loops the vocals of the MC rapping from "Let Me Be" before ending with "Take My Way" and "Take Me Back".....and I listened to all thirteen minutes of it non-stop:

1. Movin' On (Power Mix)
2. Take Me Back (The Mystic Cut)
3. Let Me Be (Remix)
4. Take My Way (D.J. Gabry Ponte Version)
5. Stay With Me (Club Mix)
6. I Believe (Happy Core Mix By D.J. Gregory Kolla)
7. Movin' On (Radio Cut)
8. Da Blitz Non Stop Mix

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