Monday, November 27, 2017

Gil-Here I Am (1998)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 27, 2017

And here I am, too—back from a brief three-day break and eager to get around to some music that was recommended to me many months ago. One of those recommendations is something that I suggested to myself: a German singer named Gil Doron Reichstadt Ofarim (or just simply Gil for short). Forgot how I even got acquainted with this guy, but I suspect the boyband lover in me must've tagged him during a period where I was exploring the solo teen pop artists. With that being said, my first few minutes of listening to "Here I Am" had me thinking about bands and teen pop stars along the likes of HANSON, THE MOFFATTS, Aaron Carter and THE JONAS BROTHERS that have the fun, energetic pop/rock sound. I can see a lot of fans of that aforementioned quartet enjoying every second of catchy jams like "See It In Your Eyes", "Charline" (whenever these teenage guys sing these sweet songs about a girl, they're always a fun listen), "Bandstarter" (a very free-spirited song about a normal teenage guy being a love with nothing else in the world mattering to him) and an eventual favorite of mine, "Bang, Bang, Bang" (the 'bang, bang', bang' shouted right at the beginning and then hearing the backup voices later echoing it whenever Gil sings the exact words in the chorus is what had me all hooked to this one!). Gil shows off a harder rock edge on "Am I Crazy?" (a question that many of us who are fools in love—or think we are in love—have surely asked ourselves a thousand. times) while in stark contrast are the acoustic guitar offering, "Goodbye", and the slow groove that is "I Am So In Love" (the rain pouring and the orchestral accompaniment give the song a beautifully mellow atmosphere that keeps me captivated). "I Am So In Love", in fact, stands as one of Gil's strongest efforts here; the other deserving that same distinction is "I Need You", which takes you on a touching roller coaster of an emotional ride just like the way the music peaks and rises then calms with his hushed words. Yet my #1 favorite is three tracks before that: "Come On, Come On". This is where I'd draw the closest comparison of Gil to HANSON because the music here totally reminds me of the arrangement and sound to HANSON's 1997 hit, "Mmmbop". It's a great upbeat song about his wish for the girl to take a chance on love with him.....and one of those songs that really wakes up the senses and gets you excited about the performing artist:

1. Intro-Welcome
2. See It In Your Eyes
3. If You Only Knew
4. Bang, Bang, Bang
5. Round 'N' Round (It Goes)
6. I Am So In Love
7. Am I Crazy?
8. Come On, Come On
9. For Heaven's Sake
10. Charline
11. I Need You
12. Bandstarter
13. Never Giving Up Now
14. Goodbye

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