Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sheena Easton-The Lover In Me (1988)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 19, 2017

That 'just one more' syndrome..... I keep spotting so many goodies to listen to from the 'S' files of my library that I've found it hard to break off into other music ventures lately! And here is another that I had to share by a very familiar voice from my favorite decade whom I've been missing for quite while. Tonight was probably my fifth or sixth time (honestly, I've lost count!) tuning in to Sheena Easton's "The Lover In Me", and it still sounds as great as it did nearly thirty years ago! Of course, I say that about a lot of these old 80's gems, but it's especially the case here. being reminded about how great she sounded vocally upon revisiting the opening track, "No Deposit, No Return" (you put nothing into the relationship, you get nothing back&mash;I miss these simple little throwback tunes). Every 80's pop music lover surely is fond of the memorable title track right afterwards, which is something I myself heard and was played to death on the radio airwaves when I was a kid. Yep, it too is still a thrill, and I've always liked how those backup singers do that stylistic 'shoo-dee-whop' after Sheena's delivery of the memorable words ' let's talk about the lover in me '. Definitely don't remember it being on the radio, but Track #4's "Without You" was and still is a big hit for me! It's one of those I'm attracted to as soon as the music starts—the whole mellow tonality of the chords and the easy-listening pop flow—while her simple declaration that she has no life without the man giving ithe song that totally-80's charm. "One Love" is one that I'm so happy to have gotten a chance to hear again after all this time. I remember loving it the instant I took in the funky synthpop beat, but didn't remember the fun part midway through where her backup singers chant, 'hey Sheena, one love is better than two'. that right? Fun, energetic, delightful and catchy—these four words collectively describe "If It's Meant To Last". But I'd need a few more words to describe a particularly cool track a little further down the album: "101". Moody, unsettling, haunting, mysterious and dark—a song whose title might lead you to think has something to do with getting schooled in a low-level college course or is referencing a hot night in a hotel room turns out to be about Sheena telling her man that, basically, 101% still isn't enough to satisfy her (at lest, that's one possible meaning). I also highlight "101" because she shows off her amazing voice here well, as she's pretty much screaming in angst in the song's most dramatic moments. And if I'm gonna mention songs with amazing vocals, then I gotta make sure I give mention to one that's truly golden: "Follow My Rainbow". An excellent, soulful ballad this one is, and her moving, emotional determination to find her personal pot of gold someday is so captivating:

1. No Deposit, No Return
2. The Lover In Me
3. Follow My Rainbow
4. Without You
5. If It's Meant To Last
6. Days Like This
7. One Love
8. 101
9. Cool Love
10. Fire And Rain

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