Thursday, November 16, 2017

SIX WAS NINE-A Few Bold Strokes Of The Brush (1992)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 16, 2017

And perhaps another not-so-pure coincidence that this next treat I'm sharing so happens to come while while I keep on gathering up the 'S' artists in my music library. The albums by this German soul/pop duo that called itself SIX WAS NINE have been among the longest-standing requests. With the pair of albums of theirs that I'd already heard previously—"Let It Come Your Way" and "Walk With The Spirits"—I'd become very fond of these guys, and tonight, I finally had a chance to enjoy the one where it all began with them: 1992's "A Few Bold Strokes Of The Brush". Well they sure are taking some mighty bold strokes alright, given the crisp and high-quality content of the music presented here, with one of the biggest splashes being made as soon as with the funky dance opener, "Born For Trouble", where I would be quickly get reacquainted with the gritty, soulful voice of the lead singer of the pair. Seems that 'trouble', in fact, was the theme to these songs early on, as the follow up, "No More The Fool", is all about him determined not to be tricked into loving the lady anymore while the delightfully chilled groove, "Nightingale", speaks about a love between a man and a woman that's no longer there and "You Do Me No Good" is all about a woman who does exactly what the negative statement in the title suggests. The mood beings brightening on "Real Life", a nice tune that reminds how difficult it is sometimes to believe that wonderful things can truly happen if we live long enough. And there's no doubt that the mood is all good on "No Doubt About It", which I loved the instant the music started (just one of many where the beat is absolutely fabulous!). The message is positive and sweet: ' you're gonna feel love from me for the rest of your life '. Right afterwards is the beautiful liberating anthem, "We Are Free", which proclaims that we can be exactly that if we choose to be; it's a marvelous throwback to that feel-good 90's house era! The songs simply get better after that, with more new favorites coming by way of the powerfully gripping and almost spiritual "Warm And Tender Love", which is what the songwriter wants to wrap the lady up with; "Won't You Be My Lover" (words can lie but the body can't—I like that analogy presented in the chorus) and "When You're In Trouble" (an uplifting song of motivation for anybody listening, showing how you can reach your dreams outside the bubble and telling you to never give up). "Leaving On The Last Train" concludes this ride on a rather bittersweet note (confessions of never wanting to see an old friend ever again), but it is still a highlight in a colorful portrait of an album that's decorated with many of them:

1. Born For Trouble
2. No More The Fool
3. Nightingale
4. You Do Me No Good
5. Real Life
6. No Doubt About It
7. We Are Free
8. Warm And Tender Love
9. Won't You Be My Lover
10. When You're In Trouble
11. All This Loving
12. Leaving On The Last Train

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