Saturday, November 11, 2017

SNAP!-Welcome To Tomorrow (1994)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: November 11, 2017

An unexpected second journey deeper into the ambient/electronic world music genre arose when I moved further along in my project of gathering up the 'S' artists in my library. The popular German Eurodance project that called itself SNAP! may be best remembered for their 90's hit, "The Power" (I can suddenly hear that lady wailing 'I got the power' as I write now), but what Eurodance listeners may not remember is that they also recorded some songs that more closely resemble the likes of ENIMGA, DDEEP FOREST and AMETHYSTIUM—the same colorful trio I mentioned in my previous post of Chorus Of Tribes' "Myth"—than such fellow Eurodance contemporaries as 2 UNLIMITED, C & C MUSIC FACTORY, TECHNOTRONIC and BLACK BOX. I was reminded of the latter fact as soon as I took in the opener to their third studio album, "Welcome To Tomorrow". Ambient trance with a soothing and refreshing air and creating a sense that you're walking among nature best describes what I felt tuning in to "Green Grass Grows (Earth Follows)". Right after that is a piece that flows ever so nicely and contains an encouraging, positive message: "It's A Miracle (People Need to Love One Another)". That ethnic, world music sound reveals itself most prominently three tracks in on "Rame (Beloved)", where there's a groovy house rhythm combined with the voice of a woman chanting all throughout, as well as on the follow-up, "Dreams On The Moon", which I surely had on a past playlist of ambient music favorites because I found myself so drawn to the tribal hollow drum beat, the spacey ambiance and the hypnotic chants of a woman going 'just a dream' all throughout. Perhaps the first real Eurodance cut is the title track itself: "Welcome To Tomorrow (Are You Ready)". Even still, the music has a very smooth, downtempo trance arrangement instead of the harder-sounding jams with the thumping bass line that true Euroance lovers may be accustomed to, but it works well for a song where the leading lady essentially invites you to go along with her on a magical, faraway voyage high above the clouds that only your ears can enjoy. By the time I got to "The World In My Hands (We Are One)", it occurred to me that this album seemed to be set up as a meditative journey, hearing the whispering words of empowerment and motivation in the introductory seconds, then noticing how the title—plus the titles to the previous and subsequent tracks—all have statements that conceptually relate to the theme of mental suggestion, relaxation and liberation. Another great offering for the ambient/electronic listeners is Track #8's "Waves". This one too was definitely a past favorite from an old playlist, as I am immediately drawn in by the dreamy ambiance in introductory movement, then captivated the rest of the way through by the accompanying guitar, which gives the music a sharp, contrasting accent. And just like on "Welcome To Tomorrow (Are You Ready)", the Eurodance is very light, subtle and chilled as well on "Where Are The Boys, Where Are The Girls?. That super high-energy dance sound with the big-voiced house divas singing and the featured MC rappers? You won't find any of that here, but "Welcome To Tomorrow" is still a wonderful listen and will make a welcome addition to your music collection nonetheless:

1. Green Grass Grows (Earth Follows)
2. It's A Miracle (People Need to Love One Another)
3. Rame (Beloved) [feat. Rukmani]
4. Dream On The Moon
5. Welcome To Tomorrow (Are You Ready)
6. The World In My Hands (We Are One)
7. The First The Last Eternity (Till The End)
8. Waves
9. Where Are The Boys, Where Are The Girls?
10. It's Not Over

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