Saturday, December 9, 2017

ARENA SWEDEN-Arena Sweden (2003)


I've been putting this one off for far too long! Many of you in my circles who know my music tastes well—and just my insatiable thirst for Swedish pop music altogether—probably knew that I'd end up featuring this Swedish duo eventually.....and here they and their self-titled release are at last after so many months where I would prepare to give them some of "The Music Spectrum" spotlight, but never get around to actually doing it. Super addiction to the max—I can't think of a better phrase of adjectives to justly describe this same group of eleven songs that I've enjoyed countless replays of! I must confess—my addiction largely stems from the great production of the infectiously-dancey pop/rock sound, but the simplicity of the song structures, the catchy hooks, the melodies and the terrific vocals of the duo's lead singer, Dennis Radoicic, factor into it as well! The end result? Nearly 40 minutes of pop music bliss and one whole album to drop onto my playlist of favorites! Even still, I have to highlight a select number of them, because they just spark me in a special way. First and foremost, "Love On The Line", whose chorus serves as my favorite of all the hooks on the entire album because of the stunning manner in which Dennis delivers the title in the lyrics. "Heaven": an excellent breeze of a slow tune that you can definitely add this to the list of heavenly songs in popular music containing the word 'heaven' in its title. "I Want To Love You": a total jam with a great bounce to the beat, which contrasts nicely with the mellow, low-key delivery of all of the things he wants to know and feel about love. "State Of Your Heart": the album's second slow gem is a perfect place to enjoy Dennis's powerful and soaring voice. "Don't Be Afraid": a real comfort of a song with that take-a-chance-on-loving-me theme that always makes for a sweet treat. "You Are The One": I like these sunny, heartwarming romantic tributes, and this one happens to have a bouncy dance beat to it that puts a happy spring in your spring. And "After The Hurt": the album's lone offering, if I'm not mistaken, where there's negative emotions embedded somewhere in the lyrics, but there's still a positive glow in the songwriter's message of moving on once the pain is gone. Wait a minute—I practically highlighted everything here! That should be all the evidence you need that these ARENA SWEDEN guys are worth taking the time to listen to:

1. Take On The World
2. Show Me The Way
3. Heaven
4. Love On The Line
5. You Are The One
6. Don't Be Afraid
7. I Want To Love You
8. Pray For The Children
9. State Of Your Heart
10. After The Hurt
11. I Believe

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