Wednesday, December 13, 2017

David Hernandez-I Am Who I Am (2011)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: December 13, 2017

And I am who I am, always being the thoughtful one in sharing these sweet music treats. You can't have David's "This Christmas" EP without also having his second EP released two years later. Fans of the contemporary crisp r&b/club sound present in today's pop music will immediately adore the opening slow jam, "Follow", where the former "American Idol" contestant ,makes immediate impressions and really shows off some stunning soul while singing his emotional promises to always be connected to the one who as a special place in his heart. Following that great opener is a refreshing one had immediately became an instant favorite: "Inseparable". The cite the 'finger-snapping' beat and the sad sound of the chords being the initial reasons, with his soaring vocals keeping me hooked as he declares ' it's you and me against the world ' and offering up other bold statements of promised eternal unity. "Out Of My Reach": a fun bombastic jam to ride to that gets you hooked with his echoes of 'out of my reach' in the chorus, and nearly sounding exactly the same is "Deliver Me", where it's the 'deliver me' of the chorus that he echoes this time while singing about his pleads for someone special to be his life line. "I Fell In Love" is surely one that you will love because of its warming I-feel-on-top-of-the-world perk about it. Though the one I must highlight as being the song I love the most is the title track itself. It's the humbling and haunting story David begins telling in the very first verse that gets to me right away, confessing how he didn't have the same things that everyone else had while growing up, how he was always trying to find ways to overcome the adversity. He reminds that ' anything worth achieving doesn't come without a hustle ' and, like Sheryl Crow once said, 'every day is a winding road'. This is one of those excellent conceptual pieces that take you on an intimate journey deep into the songwriter's heart and mind.....and will make you appreciate the outstanding talents of the artist even more:

1. Follow
2. Inseparable
3. Out Of My Reach
4. I Am Who I Am
5. She's Coming Undone
6. I Fell In Love
7. Run 2 U
8. Deliver Me

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