Wednesday, December 6, 2017

DEADLINE-Watch The Structure (1996)


While in the midst of my recent electronic space music explorations, I had discovered DEADLINE, yet another obscure artist from the Swedish synthpop catalog whose non-label-released "Watch The Structure" album I felt deserved a spot along "The Music Spectrum". My ears and I were already pleased with what we were hearing upon taking in the opener simply entitled "Sweet", from which I determined that DEADLINE shares a sound similar to the likes of popular mainstream groups like INFORMATION SOCIETY and PET SHOP BOYS. And "Sweet" indeed is a very sweet listen—a song about a guy's longing to be with a special lady again, and the dreamy instrumental ambiance and accompanying fluttery woodwind piece makes it all the more sweeter. The instrumental ambiance, in fact, is a the primary reason why I enjoyed this album so much; perhaps deep down, I had actually been into a easy-listening music mood despite the dance-pop that I was looking to focus on. That's why my ears and I were immediately captured by "A Sudden Breath" (love is like a breath of fresh air when it storms into your life—that is the warming message to be taken from this one), "Crime Of Passion","Fire", "Liz" (liked the beginning movements of this one with its elegant harp piece, then the swirling electronic ambiance and the deep drones before the true beat sweeps in; totally did not expect the harsh and bitter words delivered in this rather dark story of man who is suffering from mental anguish) and "Philosophy" (a rather chilling piece with the unsettling sounds of the bells playing between verses and the haunting yet interesting message of the song itself—looking at the world around you from a brighter perspective). There's a few places along this journey, however, where the easy-listening electronic ambiance picks up speed with a fast-tempo house rhythms: "Caught In A Fantasy", the title track itself and "Unreal"—the latter of the trio having a sunny spark about it with the happy glow and the songwriter's earnest words of wanting to be filled with the lady's love:

1. Sweet
2. Caught In A Fantasy
3. A Sudden Breath
4. Fire
5. Watch The Structure
6. Crime Of Passion
7. Liz
8. Her Love
9. Unreal
10. Philosophy

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