Tuesday, December 19, 2017

DEREK & THE DIRT-Derek & The Dirt (1989)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: December 19, 2017

Digging up yet another rarity from the depths of 80's music obscurity, and this one's a real treat for the rock lovers out there. The self-titled debut by this band that hailed from The Netherlands has gotta be one the most delightful listens that you'll find within the massive 80's rock catalog. Although it's apparent that lead singer Derek had the gritty voice and soul of a hair-band rocker at the core, the music here comes off as sounding closer to easy-listening soft rock than the true hard, hair-band rock with the distinctively smooth groove of the arrangements; thus, these eleven songs will actually appeal to both listening audiences. And my favorite part about the album? The simple, catchy hooks, which totally scream ' it came from the awesome 80's '! There's really no picking one or two particular songs that I myself enjoyed the first time I turned in, although if I had to highlight something, I would first put the spotlight on the acoustic guitar-driven slow piece, "Oh By The Way". This is a really beautiful song about a girl that the songwriter is crazy about; it just makes you glow and sticks to you the longer you listen. Derek's vocals really stand out on this one, too, especially whenever he echoes 'oh by the way' in the chorus. I'd next highlight "Double Or Nothing", mainly because I like the story being told about the band-news gold digger of a girl that he has no desire to be fooling around with any longer. Then there's ":My Baby", a sweet down-to-earth tune where he proudly confesses that the girl belong to him and only to him, no matter what they're going through. And some of these songs will automatically make you wanna listen closely just because of their intriguing titles: "Rock & Roll Shower", "Stealin' From Rock & Roll" and "We Gotta Slow Down", just to name a few. So that's about all the dirt I got on this Dutch outfit; now it's time for you to get your own hands dirty by grabbing a copy of this album for yourself:

1. I Don't Wanna Lose You
2. We Gotta Slow Down
3. Rock & Roll Shower
4. Simenon Girl
5. Oh By The Way
6. Sally Mitchum
7. Double Or Nothing
8. Make it A Better Place
9. Rupert
10. My Baby
11. Stealin' From Rock & Roll

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