Tuesday, December 5, 2017

NASA-Remembering The Future (1999)


I've returned back to the universe of electronic space tunes where I've just finished making first contact with another fun Swedish synthpop duo, thanks to a recent recommendation by one of my blog visitors. I now have something else to rave about that's generated a few new music addictions: "Remembering The Future", the third and final album released by Martin Thors and Patrik Henzel, otherwise known as NASA. I have a sneaking suspicion that there is some additional significance of 'NASA' beyond my presumption that it was inspired by America's space program. Meanwhile, I like the whole paradox of the album title itself: how can you remember something that hasn't happened yet? But then I got it—they're remembering how us intelligent Earth lifeforms used to perceive the future way back in the day when our technological minds were still in their primitive stages—more specifically, the 80's, as I determined from the distinctively-familiar and totally-80's-sounding synthesized production of these tracks: The production, in fact, is definitely the coolest thing about the music here, whether it be the slick drum n' bass arrangements featured on the likes of "The Road To Newtopia" (a play on the word 'utopia', of course) and "Looking Forward To The Past" (I like the paradox of this title as well, generalizing how some people are simply nostalgic and wanting to forget about the harshness that is sometimes the present reality; the funky, dance-pop-oriented jams like my favorites, "Back To Square One" and "Nexterday"; or exotic ambient journeys such as "Cloudcontrol" and " "Xenophobic" (I've always liked this word 'xenophobic' because something about the cool spelling with the two X's, plus the fact that it comes up a lot in the "Star Trek" universe; besides that, it features a fun little tribute to the "E.T." movie with snippets of the digital voice replying 'phone home' and the accompanying dial tones). And it wouldn't be an 80's-sounding electronic space album without at least one track that makes me think about those old 8-bit Atari and Nintendo games again; that's what the title track does when it opens with those familiar blips and beeps that you would only find in classic titles like "Defender", "Space Invaders" and "Asteroid":

1. The Road To Newtopia
2. Back To Square One
3. Cloudcontrol
4. Expansion
5. Remembering The Future
6. Nexterday
7. Xenophobic
8. Tell Me, Woman (Generator)
9. It's About Time
10. They Call Her Love
11. Looking Forward To The Past

*****BONUS TRACKS*****

12. Remembering The Future (Single Version)
13. Back To Square One (Single Version)
14. Nexterday (Single Version)
15. Back To Square One (M12 San Frandisco Mix)
16. Nexterday (Retrogradual Version)
17. They Call Her Love (Unreleased Single Mix)

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