Saturday, December 2, 2017

Sonny Flame-Way Of Life (2012)


It had been quite a long while since I last tuned in to the artists on the Romanian 'popcorn' circuit, though instead of going with some of the recommendations directed to me, I opted to do a little exploring on my own and ended up getting acquainted with this exciting reggae singer who calls himself Sonny Flame. And the name really fits—the hot jams here on his "Way Of Life" album is surely gonna burn up somebody's dance floor (if it hasn't already done so) while his vocals and the uninhibited, sexually provocative content predominantly featured in his song lyrics are sure to melt the hearts of all the ladies out there (if that too hasn't already happened)! Spanish lyrics and dance music&mash;always a sizzling combination, and I got to enjoy the best of both worlds on the opener, "Sale El Sol" ('The Sun Goes Out' in its proper translation), then right after on the follow-up, "Like A Breeze", which has a terrific arrangement—a distinctively Middle Eastern sound with a noticeable reggae influence and a very delightful island flow to the music. "Like A Breeze", in fact, is the first where his sexual intentions are stated loud and clear; he maintains that theme on "Woman" (an infectiously-groovy dance thriller where his chants of 'move it, move it' remind me of that song played at the end of the "Madagascar" Pixar Animations film), "Get In My Bed", the bombastic party that is "Boom Boom Room" (some excellent violin instrumentals are featured between the chorus and the verses and the pounding bass of the beat) and my #1 favorite, "Get Your Clothes Off" (it's part-reggae, part-r&b, part-techno, part-Europop and totally sexy, his mentality leading him to say to the ladies that he just wants to do it). Speaking of 'move it, move it', there are couple of awesome club anthems that I know were designed to get the crowds up an doing exactly that: my #2 favorite, "It's My Life" (this one's gotta be the best high-energy Eurodance jam I've heard within the past two weeks!; could definitely use some nice long 7+ minute remixes of it now.....), and "Jump Up". Even when the 'flame' cools off somewhat with our honorary Romanian guest showing off a more mellow and tender side of himself, the club beats are still bangin'; that's where Track #9's "Lady" enters the picture—a very touching song about this heart being broke, but still being in love with her nonetheless, and the soft piano/guitar combination in the background sets the mood perfectly. And not to neglect mention of another marvelous dance cut that has a sunny, feelgood romantic air about it: "Miami Day". Well listening to this album certainly ignited my audio senses, and I expect for them to be set ablaze again the next time Sonny Flame and I cross paths:

1. Sale El Sol
2. Like A Breeze
3. Liber
4. It's My Life
5. Woman
6. Get In My Bed
7. Another Day
8. Jump Up
9. Lady
10. Boom Boom Room
11. Vin
12. Miami Day
13. Get Your Clothes Off
14. Sale El Sol (Emil Lassaria Remix)

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