Wednesday, December 20, 2017

TAMBOURINE-Waterland (1991)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: December 20, 2017

Three rarities served up in as many days, and this next share concludes the music-listening adventure I've enjoyed the past several hours with this short-lived Dutch band. Once again, all thanks to that fellow music lover whom I credited in the previous post. "Waterland" starts off in the exact reverse that "Flowers In September" started off. This time, the band's leading lady, Saskia Van Oerle, takes center stage immediately on the marvelous opening title track—a brilliant vocal performance where she pleads for somebody to rescue her from the depths of the deep end of her life (I particularly love the way her voice soars whenever she's singing the chorus line 'pull me out of this waterland' or 'throw me a lifeline'. Then after that, Saskia and her accompanying male bandmates are singing together in sublime unison on the mellow pop/rock number, "I'll Come Back". At that moment, I decided that I really would've liked to have heard more songs where all of them have joined in to share in the vocal duties. Though despite that one wish, it's nevertheless a pleasure with Saskia fronting the way on her own. She alone is the reason why the powerful and soulful blues number, "I Never Loved A Man", the touching "Too Little Love" (lots of good stuff presented in the lyrical analogies on this one, comparing not having enough romance to there being enough sunshine for her flowers to grow or being the worst kind of hunger) and the playfully stimulating "In Heat" (here, the bluesy funk sound is a perfect soundtrack to the song's provocative theme, her being the provider of whatever the man wants and needs) are a shining success! But her bandmates get their chance to shine as well, infusing a ton of energy and a terrific sound into the pair of dancey jams, "Hippie Don't Go" and "There She Goes", while sparking the senses on "Shameful" with an ear-pleasing mixed arrangement that features the fluttery flute, the harmonica, a tribal drum beat an the puffs of the organ—all while Saskia sings about a no-good sleaze of a man who does nothing but mess with her emotions:

1. Waterland
2. I'll Come Back
3. In Heat
4. Hippie Don't Go
5. I Never Loved A Man
6. The Garden
7. Girl In The Shade
8. Shameful
9. Too Little Love
10. There She Goes
11. Love Unconditional

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