Friday, December 22, 2017

TRANCEDANCE-Twang (1990)

ORIGINAL POSTING DATE: December 22, 2017

Expecting this one to be another one of my entries from the Eurodance catalog? Gotcha this time! TRACEDANCE's sound happens to be that of the pop/rock variety, and they also happen to originate from my favorite Scandinavian country of—yep, you guessed it—Sweden. And I'm more than happy to share the group's final studio album called "Twang"—a well-chosen title because there is indeed plenty of 'twang' going on with all twelve of these songs! I pretty much already knew I was in for some good times upon taking in the catchy opening cut, "Money Can't Buy", where I would get introduced to the group's front man on vocals. Took me a minute or two to get used to him; in a way, he has a sort of quirky Elvis-rockabilly-impersonation style about his delivery here. If I wasn't right on point with "Money Can't Buy", then I surely was later on when I played Track #10's "Finger On The Trigger". Definitely has the Elvis rockabilly thing going on here, which is one of the things that draw me to this song; besides that, there;s the jazzy skip to the beat, and that awesome finish in the closing minutes when the lead guy and the backup crew goes back and forth with the 'yo-yo-yo', the 'hey-hey-hey', the 'hee-hee-hee' and whatever filler they felt like throwing in just for the heck of it. Guns must've been on the mind of whoever wrote these songs, because there is another song that has the 'gun/finger on the trigger' theme: "Bang Bang". Being shot down again and again and again—I think a lot of us have been there when it comes to love, haven't we? I just love the arrangement of the music on "Bang Bang"; I was sparked by the chords in particular right at the beginning. If "Bang Bang" was such an instant pleasure, then I had to have gotten instant thrills out of the lively jam, "Is It Love?" (I'm totally digging the powerful vocals and the funky guitar riffs all throughout on this one!), plus "Heaven In Your Eyes" (I got hooked to the bouncy chorus and the way the ladies chime in with the 'shoulda known better' and the lofty 'double hiccup' in between) and "Do You Close Your Eyes (When You're Makin' Love)?" (the happy sound of the music, the jazzy spurts, the way the lead guy plays on the word 'love' with the drawn-out 'la-la-la-la-la-la-love' and the funny rap midway had me sold!). The soft rock radio channels somewhere should include these two to their rotating lineup: "Another Perfect Day" and "Walking On Thin Ice". Both have an ear-pleasing easy-listening sound.....and a slight new-wavish air about it even. If there was a 'trance' jam of some sort on this album, then the closest one to it is "A Glass Of Champagne". The title kinda had me thinking 'romantic ballad', but the energetic beat that's borderline house quickly revealed otherwise. Then perhaps the most humorous offering by this TRANCEDANCE trio is the final cut, "Leave Your Keys On The Floor". Just telling the girl to drop the keys on the floor and get out; doesn't even want the keys to his place handed to him! One of the more oddball ways to break up with somebody, and a weird way to end this highly-entertaining album:

1. Money Can't Buy
2. Another Perfect ay
3. Do You Close Your Eyes (When You're Makin' Love)?
4. Lovestruck
5. Walking On Thin Ice
6. Heaven In Your Eyes
7. Is It Love
8. Bang Bang
9. A Glass Of Champagne
10. Finger On The Trigger
11. Wildside
12. Leave Your Keys On The Floor

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