Thursday, January 25, 2018

Barry Lane-Warning (1988)


'Warning' is right! That's because this latest 80's discovery of mine turned out becoming a lot more addictive than I thought it would, and for those of you who are crazy about 80's synthpop music like I am, then it just might become a new addiction for you too! I was casually browsing the German music catalog when I came across this Barry Lane, a guy whose name I felt somehow should've been familiar to me. But seeing it wasn't listed among the entries in the 'B' section of my music library, then it's safe to say his lone album from 1988 is something I'd never heard before. Which is good, because I always have an ear for 80's music that I've never heard before! In my initial listen, I gathered Barry's style is that of one of those romantic crooners who is a poetic balladeer at heart but has the mentality of a dance/pop singer, as evidenced by his delightful Italo-disco-sounding remake of the timeless classic, "Save The Last Dance", as well as his majestic performance delivered on my #1 favorite, "See My Need", which I loved as soon as the dreamy chords melted into my ears and continued to love with his lofty vocals repeatedly delivering his earnest words of 'please surrender yourself to me'. Something in particular I enjoyed about this album: every song has a way of ending up becoming super-catchy the longer the song moves along. Noticed that right off the bat with the opener, "Take A Chance", which is his spin on the popular take-a-chance-on-loving-me style of song and features some fun play with the digitally-disguised vocal effects chiming in with alternating 'take-take-take, chance-chance-chance' from the left and right audio channels midway through. "On both Journey To The Moon" and "Blue Body Dancer", it's the chorus that hooks me; the former's sing-along construction is what hooks me in particular. The big attraction about "Hearts Are Burning" is its big-time pounding bass line and energetic beat, plus the strong, fantastic finish when Barry declares ' you're the only one to give me love tonight '. There's another that finishes in big-time fashion: "Hold My Hand". The album's concluding track has a happy, romantic air about it that delights the ears anyway, but then there's the festive instrumentals and the perky beat and Barry's earnest words about how he simply wants to hold the woman's hand. "Never Forever": another favorite that I instantly liked as soon as the music started. Perfect synthpop beat, mellow tonality of the chords, the light calypso and thunderous drum beats...the production is fabulous! And his smooth vocals again make me think of him as that romantic crooner whose words melt ever so nicely over the music. I also love the title track itself, where he confesses that a woman broke his heart without warning—hence the title—which results in his fantasy and dream being over. Despite the sadness emanating the heart-broken lyrics, the music itself has a certain spark that delights my ears—good enough reason to like this song or anything else that was recorded back in my favorite decade:

1. Take A Chance
2. Journey To The Moon
3. Blue Body Dancer
4. Young Girl
5. See My Need
6. In A Night Like This
7. Warning
8. Save The Last Dance
9. You Can Give Me Tenderness
10. Hearts Are Burning
11. Never Forever
12. Hold My Hand

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