Saturday, January 6, 2018

BG5-BG5 (2013)


Still plenty more after-Christmas gifts to unwrap here at "The Music Spectrum", and my second one of the day to share is another fulfilled, long-standing wish that I kept a watchful eye out for. I have a feeling that this self-titled debut by the five-piece girl group that calls itself THE BEACH GIRL5 was requested due to prior knowledge of pop singer Brooke Allison being one of the group's members. Sounds like there's at least two or three of the girls getting a chance to take on the lead vocal duties on these twelve tracks—Brooke is surely taking center stage on a good handful of them&mddash;but no matter which of them is singing, they turn every track into a stellar performance! The show kicks off with the fun electro-club jam, "Scratch", which is an energetic thrill ride with the 'circus carnival' arrangement and glitzy techno going on in the dance beat. 'You got to get yours, I got to get mine'—it's a hip, modern-day reinterpretation of the old ' scratch my back and I'll scratch yours ' adage with that line from the chorus, though my favorite part of the song is that cute 'cheerleader rap' the girls chant midway through. Laying down the rhymes and raps, in fact, is a signature ingredient that this BEACH GIRL5 crew drops into many places to spice up a few other songs thereafter, most notably Track #9's "I Like It", which actually features a pair of rap segments: one that pays tribute to the Eurodance group TECHNOTRONIC and saying something about being hooked on phonics while the second is delivered solo by the girl in the group who introduces herself as Mandy and says that she's sweet like candy. There's a couple of great r&b slow grooves to sink into: "I Got 1" and my favorite that I love every second of, "Lovin' It". An what I particularly love about "Lovin' It" is how the song alternates back and forth between the girls singing about all the things they like about the guy in sweet unison above the soft, twinkly sound and the girls rising to the occasion, doing it up big and bold when they let it all out for the chorus). "Lay A Little Sunshine": I like these happy-bouncy girl-group pop tunes with the clapping beat. 'Baby, come and get me' and 'your voice beats texting' are a few words that the girls entice you with in the chorus while a guest male vocalist spices things up with his own reggae-tinged contributions throughout. Then it's just the girls just wanting to have fun on the pair of retro-pop pleasures that are the cheery anthem, "Unbreakable", and the instant delight that is "Money Grubb'n". BG5's first and only album is one that all girl group fans must have in their respective music collections:

1. Scratch
2. I Love This Game
3. Unbreakable
4. Undivided
5. Lay A Little Sunshine
6. I Got 1
7. One More Second Chance
8. Expiration Date
9. I Like It
10. This Is The Life
11. Lovin' It
12. Money Grubb'n

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