Friday, January 5, 2018

Birizdo I Am-eRETROshock (2016)


Yep&mash;me still being in the electronic mood, being a synthpop music lover, wanting to hear a new artist, and forever craving the synthpop sounds of the 80's led me to discover yet another new music treat from the electronic music universe. 'Birizdo I Am' is the colorful moniker and stage name of a Birizdo Lajos, a guy who looks to have just recently burst onto the New Millennium electronic/synthpop scene. Actually, Italo-disco would be the more precise phrase, at least from the tunes I enjoyed here on this 2016 release that he creatively calls "eRETROshock" (I am sensing a play on the words 'electroshock' and 'retro music' here). Good timing this one turned out to be, considering that my Italo-disco-listening days had been few and far between at the tail end of this past year; it really was refreshing to hear something new from this genre after such a long while. As with many Italo-ddisco singers, it took me a few minutes before I really connected with Birizdo and his light vocals, spending much of of the first three or four tracks basking in the totally-80's production and enjoying the simple dance beats. There was one that did click with me during that initial time frame: "Señorita". Of course, it had to be the one with a bit of a Spanish/Latin vibe going on, right? There's a warm and sunny romantic air about that one that I really like. Though it as during my second go-around when I would click with the one right after: "Diamond Of My Heart". Actually, it would be when I heard the 'Midnight Mix' that got me to like it, then noticing how much of a warming, romantic breeze akin to "Señorita" that is was with the extended keyboard instrumental midway through making it an even nicer listen. "Money Tsunami": the title to the album's fifth track is a very curious one; indeed, the only lyrics to this spacey, ear-pleasing instrumental piece is the digitally-disguised voice occasionally chanting the title itself. But it takes no curiosity at all to figure out the theme to the one that instantly grabbed my attention: "Keep The 80's Alive". Yes indeed, I am in complete and total agreement with that statement! And I totally feel him when he confesses that the 80's will still be in his soul when he leaves this earth, that the 80's feeling will forever burn in his heart. Makes a nice anthem for those of us musically trapped in my favorite decade; in fact, I think it should've been the first song to play after the opening intro. And speaking of favorite things, I'd have to declare Track #8's "Time Goes By" as my #1 since it possesses the danciest hi-tech beat (the production really tops all of the other ones!) and has such a merry, heavenly sound altogether. I'd even take an instrumental-version of this one, or at the very least, an extended remix? Then there's one that became too catchy on the ears for me not to highlight: "TV (Color One)". As bouncy and fun as it is, particularly with the sing-along chorus and the sparkly, high-pitched keyboard arrangement bouncing along with the beat, I don't believe I even know what this song was all about—characteristic of the good ole senseless 80's:

1. Intro
2. Cannot Buy Happiness
3. Señorita
4. Diamond Of My Heart
5. Money Tsunami
6..Love Is In The Air
7. Keep The 80s Alive
8. Time Goes By
9. Dove Vai [Radio Version]
10. Loose My Tears
11. TV (Color One)
12. My Fortune [Outro]
13. Diamond Of My Heart [Midnight Mix]
14. Keep The 80s Alive [Extended Version]

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