Sunday, January 21, 2018

EMPIRE OF THE SUN-Two Vines (2016)


At last, I finally got to listen to the one album that I had been looking forward to actually listening to.....and finally writing up a rave review about it! It's pretty much safe to say that I've gotten super-addicted to the music by this Australian electronic/synthpop band that gloriously calls itself EMPIRE OF THE SUN. Just their name alone always sounds so epic to me; even the accompanying cover artwork to all of their releases, like that depicting my two Aussie heroes atop the scenic waterfall for their third album entitled "Two Vines". And just as I expected, I did indeed enjoy several new epic adventures with this EMPIRE OF THE SUN duo, even though I continue to find obscurity in their rather alternative and sometimes-quirky lyrical style. With my head is always locked in to anything sounding close to the electronic/synthpop music of the awesome 80's, I was instantly captured by the easy-flowing new-wavish arrangement of "Way To Go", the dancey jam "ZZZ" (which has absolutely nothing to do with actual sleeping, as those triple zigzag letters might indicate) and the pleasantly warming upbeat sunniness of "First Crush". Likewise, the forever house/techno/Eurodance lover in me found instant spark in the pounding bass beats of the opener, "Before", plus the follow-up, "High And Low" (something in the lead guy's vocals here reminds me of the girl duo SHAMPOO and their 90's hit, "Trouble"), "Ride" (one of the most epic of my listening adventures; it is indeed a great song to 'ride' to with his lofty, repeated delivery of 'together we can' feeling like a summer breeze) and my #1 favorite newly-discovered at the very end, "Welcome To My Life" (this one proves that I'm just such a sucker for male singers with high vocals.....and songs with dreamy melodies and happy lyrics too). I was instantly sparked by something else at the beginning moments of "To Her Door"—the lofty, mellow ambiance, which lingers for a nice minute before the pounding bass eventually breaks through and makes the music even better! A sweet love song this one turns out to be, with the line in the chorus that sticks to me being ' I feel better when we're together '. Almost too short and sweet are the pair of slow n' chilled songs "Digital Life" and "Keystone". Then the album's most epic adventure of all has to be the exotic "Two Vines" itself three tracks in. I had been curious about the significance of the title long before I started tuning in.....and I am still curious after having had my two 3+ minute servings of it, that whole 'lyrical obscurity' resurfacing again. But curiosity and obscurity aside, I just love the sound and melody—a half-alternative rock, half-electronic/pop musical arrangement that totally suits the theme of two emperors ruling a majestic kingdom:

1. Before
2. High And Low
3. Two Vines
4. Friends
5. There's No Need
6. Way To Go
7. Ride
8. Digital Life
9. First Crush
10. ZZZ
11. To Her Door
12. Keystone
13. Lend Me Some Light
14. Welcome To My Life

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