Thursday, January 11, 2018

EVERLIFE-Everlife (2004)


Girls rock! Couldn't have thought of a more appropriate way to begin my review of the self-titled debut by the all-sister Christian contemporary pop trio that calls itself EVERLIFE. That's because I stumbled upon to them while exploring some of the all-girl rock bands and solo girl rock artists who are featured prominently on the various "Girlz Rock" compilations. I wonder if EVERLIFE's name was inspired by a phrase so often heard within the religious world: 'everlasting life'. While I pondered on that, I was preparing to give my thoughts about what ended up being a very energetic and spirited power-pop thrill ride while also quite inspirational. The doors to heaven open up on "Heaven Open Your Eyes", a song that reassures and guarantees peace of mind and a much better life once things are revealed to you. "I'm Over It" is about realizing why the songwriter feels no more regret about the yesterdays and what could have been. I really like the touching way the song concludes with the soft, acoustic guitar, ensuring that the point already driven home sticks to you a little longer. "Evidence" became one of my favorites—first the sound is terrific, and then the whole message about faith and trust in the intangible got to me. A similar theme about faith is presented a few minutes later on "Even When". ' I can't see you, I can't feel you, but I still need you '—those are the humbling words from the chorus that I found the most meaningful. Humbling is surely the tone thrust forth on "Lead The Way" and "Save Me" (I like the irony of how it's easier to slip away the more you try to hold on tight). This power-pop thrill ride even includes a rockin' jam called "Take A Ride", but I say the most thrilling moments for me were enjoyed on "Getting Closer" with its extremely catchy, energetic chorus&mash;I love their big and bold delivery of ' God isn't through with me yeh-het'—and the reminder that life itself is always under construction:

1. Heaven Open Your Eyes
2. Take A Ride
3. I'm Over It
4. Evidence
5. Lead The Way
6. Save Me
7. Even When
8. Set Me Free
9. Getting Closer
10. Angels Cry

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