Monday, January 15, 2018

ITALOVE-The Album (2017)


When this new year started, I had the intention of listening to some brand new albums by brand new artists while taking a momentary departure from vintage classics and old-school throwbacks. But somehow or another, I always get drawn back to to the delightful electronic synthpop sounds of the 80's! ITALOVE is a post-New Millennium Italo-disco electronic group that was recommended to me at least a couple of years ago, and my exploration of the electronic music catalog revealed to me that they'd finally released a full complete album following me having gotten acquainted with them through one of their singles called "Strangers In The Night". 'Strangers' would be a fitting word for the group, as I know nothing about them nor their music origins; I would have to assume that, given their Italo-disco sound, that they are indeed from Italy? Perhaps something for the cyber-sleuth in me to investigate later, but for now, I must say that I enjoyed my hour-long plus tour with them on this sixteen-track collection. Songs that resemble anything remotely close to the sounds of my favorite decade are gonna please my ears, no matter what. I especially took a liking for the handful of ambient, instrumental dance cuts containing little or no vocals: "No Fear" (and this one feels like it could be the soundtrack to some 80's sci-fi/nature-themed TV show or movie), "Higher" (always cool to hear someone's digitally-disguised vocals chiming through the music, the guy's subtle chants of 'fire! fire!' throughout making me think about the crew on "Star Trek" engaged in combat with an alien ship) and "Exodus". Italo-disco songs tend to spark me because of the catchy dance beats, and that's what attracted me to "Disco Queen" (which stars a familiar and iconic voice in the Italo-disco genre, Ken Laszlo) and the space-themed "Heading For The Sun"—the latter which even has a 'bubblegum' perk about it with its senselessly fun lyrics (something about going to Venus Mars, I heard). The very first one I loved, however, was Track #2's "Too Late To Cry", I'm just all caught up in the techno-tronic glitz and the hypnotic,made-for-trance vocals of the group's lead guy. Then it's a case of classic HI-NRG Italo-disco on both "Illusion" and the album's penultimate track, "We Don't Care", which would've served as a great album-starter and could be seen as ITALOVE's personal anthem:

1. I Trust You (Like I Trust Myself)
2. Too Late To Cry
3. No Fear
4. Heading For The Sun
5. Strangers In The Night
6. Higher
7. I Need Your Love [feat. TQ]
8. Disco Queen [feat. Ken Laszlo]
9. Follow Me To Mexico
10. Exodus
11. Rhythm Of Love [feat. TQ]
12. Never Surrender [feat. Fred Ventura]
13. Illusion
14. Rendez-Vous
15. We Don't Care
16. L'Amour

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