Sunday, January 21, 2018

MIIKE SNOW-iii (2016)


Genghis Khan—the ruler and founder of the ancient Mongol Empire was the reason I first got hooked onto this Swedish electronic/indie pop band in the first place, as I confessed with a rather humorous story in my previous review of their self-titled debut album. So of course, it was inevitable that would eventually check out the whole album where the actual "Genghis Khan" song is found while getting to hear even more good tunes from the MIIKE SNOW camp. "iii", as the album stylistic title indicates, is the group's third and most recent album release overall, and one that seems to concentrate more on the indie/alternative side of things than what I've heard before. But let me start with the "Genghis Khan" song, which I had touched on in my review of their self-title album. I'd been wrapped in the delightful electronic musical arrangement that I hadn't paid much attention to the lyrics, but this time around, I got at least some of the full story. The phrase in the first verse&mash;'selfish and obscene'— and a line in the chorus that goes ' don't want you to get it on with anybody else but me ' probably sums it all up: he's a dictator and a ruler and doesn't want the girl fooling around with any of the other guys, just as the mighty and powerful Genghis Khan himself surely was in charge of the lives of those who served under him. And if I keep listening to this catchy song enough times, it just might begin to become a ruler over me! Well if it does, then it will get some stiff competition from a new-found MIIKE SNOW favorite, "Heart Is Full". Something different by these guys is served up with the funky retro thing going on in the music arrangement as the singer and songwriter confess that the girl has him all wrapped up and pleads for the her to never knock him down. I like that rolled 'R' he does when he sings the line ' I don't worry about tomorrow ', which came as an unexpected pleasure (my ears recognize the rolled 'R' sound from my knowledge of and passion for the Spanish language). And for a little extra zing, there's the hip hop-flavored remix that I've included as a bonus treat, the first time I've noticed MIIKE SNOW incorporating an MC on rap vocals into any of their songs. Even more unexpected zing sparked my senses on "Back Of The Car". The cool club beat is unmistakable, accented by the sharp sound of the piano keys and the suspenseful, deep piano tones subtly accompanying it, with the digitally-transformed squeaky voice chiming in with the 'carry me' in the chorus. I like how some songs just grow on me the longer I keep listening. Such was the case with "I Feel The Weight", which drifts along with its warming and comforting groove and the lead guy's gentle vocals. I'd have been lost in the music completely had my ears not took a minute to hear the words being sung: ' I feel the weight of a love that's gone away ', which belies all of the music's warmth and comfort and reveals the dark and sad place occupied by the songwriter's mind and soul. Growing on me and my ears as well were the opener, "My Trigger" (a rather dark-ish story presented on this one as well), and "The Heart Of Me". More than likely, I'll be tuning in to MIIKE SNOW's "iii" at least one more time, which has been the recurring theme with me and all of these post-New Millennium electronic pop albums anyways:

1. My Trigger
2. The Heart Of Me
3. Genghis Khan
4. Heart Is Full
5. For U [Feat. Charli XCX]
6. I Feel The Weight
7. Back Of The Car
8. Lonely Life
9. Over And Over
10. Longshot (7 Nights)

*****BONUS TRACK*****

11. Heart is Full [Remix Feat. Run The Jewels]

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