Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Tall Man Standing-Heaven (2015)


That same combination of me being in the electronic mood, being a synthpop music lover, wanting to hear a new artist, and knowing that a lot of synthpop artists in this current decade are bringing back the sounds of the 80's all led up to me continuing my exploration and discovering this guy who calls himself 'Tall Man Standing', a moniker for the Finnish artist whose real name is Olli Helenius. Well I certainly was in 'heaven' while locked in for this entire thirty-three minute trance thrill ride! And just as with yesterday's MODERNE MAN album, I pretty much can declare the same thing about all these ten tracks: ' 'Needs a remix, needs a remix, needs a remix!'. That's because the jams tease your ears by averaging just over the three-minute mark\, leaving you thirsting for more! But even without any remixes to be had this time around, the music is still heavenly entertaining! It kicks off with the awesome anthem, "Freedom", where I got officially introduced to Olli's powerful, husky vocals, which totally supports the bit of info I read about him being the lead singer of a rock band prior to tuning in. "Freedom" is a real feel-gooder; it's all about being alive to dance and love and do whatever it is in this world that makes you happy. The theme is similar on what I think could be a second club anthem: "Music Is Love". 'You can feel it everywhere; in the atmosphere,' he declares over and over, while I myself felt a rush of energy from the bombastic bass that gives the music its powerful punch here! That nostalgic 80's-sounding production sparked my ears on Track #4's "Emilia"; I noticed it right away as soon as the breezy warmth of the chords and the light, synthesized electronic dance arrangement came into play. "Ready For Your Love", another great club jam, is all about him wanting to try love all over again while he's already got what what he wants in his arms on the title track a few minutes before. Though all of my favorites sprung up beginning at the midway point with the haunting and trippy ambient piece, "Would You?". On this one, he presents a series of questions, wondering if the receiver of his words would ever die for love, die for freedom and give all that can be given. "I Am Yours" begins marvelously with the soft piano and orchestral glow before the pounding bass and glitzy trance step up the rhythm, turning it into an exhilarating yet touching song of eternal dedication; I like how it concludes with the perfect bookend piano fade-out, too. Just as he confesses that love rescued him on "I Am Yours", it's an exchange of roles when now he is the one who will rescue her on "Closer"; I really like his soaring vocals on this one. And just like INXS said back in the 80's on their memorable hit, "Need You Tonight", Olli confesses the same on the mid-tempo jam, "Tonight", which I think is much too short for its own good. Perhaps that true gritty rocker's voice was itching to get out by the time he recorded the final track, "Through Your Eyes", which in turn might have served as a sneak preview for what will be in store for me once I get around to checking out his previously-released rock material.....

1. Freedom
2. Heaven
3. Music Is Love
4. Emilia
5. Ready For Your Love
6..Would You?
7. I Am Yours
8. Closer
9. Tonight
10. Through Your Eyes

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