Sunday, February 4, 2018

BLUE MERCEDES-Rich And Famous (1988)


Back from another extended break and right back to the good ole 80's with another guilty pleasure from my pop music collection. I'm surprised at my myself that the too-short-lived British duo, BLUE MERCEDES, only lasted long enough to release exactly one album: "Rich And Famous". If you like senseless 80's pop with quirky male vocalists singing quirky songs with quirky lyrics an themes, but with all of it put to catchy and very groovy dance beats, then this is something that absolutely needs to be part of your next throwback music-listening lineup! When I casually tuned in to this via my iPod about a week or so ago while on a relaxing evening walk in the January cold, I was all smiles, enjoying every song just as I remembered the first time. While I'm still perplexed by what they're talking about on the sweet ballad piece, "Crunchy Love Affaire" (and where does the 'crunchy' even come in to play here?), I got their rather humorous, oddball ways of romantic charm all figured out everywhere else. Like on the opener, "I Want To Be Your Property", where they want to be exactly that for the woman. "I Hate New York" is my biggest favorite because of the beat, plus the humor the title incites in me, as he's singing about the fact he hates living in The Big Apple when the woman he loves isn't there with him. "Treehouse" is a playful song about building exactly what the title suggests built on love, but it's the lively, explosive production of the chorus with the banging drums and all that wins me over here! "Run For You Love" is the grooviest jam on the album; just totally addicted to the bass line in the beat and that quirky, digitally-disguised voice with its stuttered, chopped-up delivery of the title during the chorus. "See Want Must Have" is simply all about wanting everything he sets his sights upon while "Heaven On The Earth" is like an extension and the sunny sequel to "I Hate New York", having now experienced heavenly pleasure now that the woman is back in town. And there's no other town he'd rather be than Lovesville, which is confidently declared on Track #4's "Welcome To Lovesville". I've done my best to relay why "Rich And Famous" is still 'rich and famous' in my book, but I invite you to take a ride with BLUE MERCEDES to get the full picture yourself and award your own ears with musical wealth:

1. I Want To Be Your Property
2. See Want Must Have
3. Love Is The Gun
4. Welcome To Lovesville
5. Your Secret Is Safe With Me
6. I Hate New York
7. Treehouse
8. Heaven On Earth
9. Run For Your Love
10. Crunchy Love Affaire
11. I Want To Be Your Property [Def B4 Dishonour USA Mix]
12. Love Is The Gun [Miami Mix]
13. See Want Must Have [Funk Ass Mix]
14. Run For Your Love [Pop Art Mix]

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