Sunday, April 15, 2018

BLACKWOOD-Friday Night (1998)


I just love it when I listen to a random album, then come away with a handful of brand new favorites that I'm already addicted to! Such was the case when I spent part of my Sunday morning—and eventually afternoon as well—indulging in the jam-packed pleasure that is this "Friday Night", the fourth album by the 90's Eurodance project that called itself BLACKWOOD. Every Eurodance album has its share of big thrills, but none here on "Friday Night" was bigger than the soulicous, raspy voice of BLACKWOOD's lead vocalist—a Miss Sheila Elaine Washington. All by herself, she's made "Friday Night" THE best Eurodance album I've heard all year! I knew I was in for something awesome the moment her powerful chords screamed into my ears on the funky opening anthem, "Peace", which starts off the Eurodance party with a positive message to the people—that all of us living together in true harmony without conflict doesn't have to be just a fantasy. Following that thriller is the lovely title track—a more chilled Eurodance jam with a starry, romantic glow, as Sheila sings about spending time on the dance floor with the man of her dreams to ring in the weekend. Two other dance thrillers later on this album further fueled my Eurodance appetite: "My Love For You" and the great club anthem, "Ride On The Rhythm". Both are tagged as remixes of their respective originals, but you may not need to hear the originals since these sound perfect just the way they are! Oh yes, and you also get some killer remixes to both "Peace" and the title track for bonus kicks at the very end of this thrill ride! Before that, however, there's some awesome treats that pop up when the beats and the tempo slow down for a spell. "I Miss You" has gotta be THE most piercing, soul-shaking ballad I've heard within the past month! If you're gonna confess how badly you want for that special significant other to come back into your life and how empty you are without that person, you've gotta do it with burning emotion and passion, and Sheila does exactly that! And if "I Miss You" doesn't shake the soul in some way, then the inspirational piece "Be Strong" will take care of you there! Then saving the best treat of all for my final thoughts, I got my latest 'Music Surprise Of The Day' when I got to Track #6. "Kiss" could've been referring to anything, but it just so happens that it is a brilliant Europop cover of the same hit made famous by the late Prince back in the 80's! I always go ga-ga over these dance/pop remakes of these golden oldies from my childhood, but Sheila's sultry vocals delivering the familiar lyrics—altered slightly to say ' you don't have to be rich to be my man ' in the chorus—shot me through the roof!

1. Peace
2. Friday Night
3. I Miss You
4. Refugees
5. Craving
6. Kiss
7. Be Strong
8. I Believe
9. Stop Jhonny Do It
10. Live For Love
11. Piramyd
12. Get Back
13. Peace (Remix)
14. Friday Night (Mellow Remix)
15. My Love For You (Marascia & Kortezman Mix)
16. Ride On The Rhythm (Alex Natale Mix)

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